Is the UK Still a Viable Market for Casino Affiliates?

Competition can be fierce as many UK iGaming affiliates have saturated the market. Is this business still a viable mode of income? Read this article and find out, and see whether we can do anything for you?

Arguably one of the biggest gambling markets in the world is in the UK. This is where a lot of the casino games and sporting events we wager on initially originated. 

In fact, it is perhaps the most important national gambling market in Europe. The UK has contributed a lot to the iGaming industry. Starting from the UK Gambling Commission to that of Alderney, both are huge regulators of online casinos.

A lot of the biggest online casinos also had their humble starts in the UK.  This makes it one of the most competitive markets for iGaming brands.

It also makes it one of the biggest and most competitive markets for affiliates. With so many casinos vying for attention, and gambling fans as potential readers, an affiliate could earn a lot of money here.

However, things are changing every day. So, the big question many UK iGaming affiliates are asking is, whether the UK is still a viable market for affiliates.

“Is it worth investing in the UK iGaming market?” 

“Are there any upcoming changes I need to know about?” 

“Can I still make a profit from UK traffic?”

We are sure you have many questions similar to those. And there is no need to worry.

The following analysis of the UK iGaming market will explain everything you need to know about the gambling affiliate industry.

An Overload of Competitors

One of the major reasons for concern among UK iGaming affiliates is saturation. And it’s an understandable one.

UK iGaming has exploded in recent years.  Over the years, dozens of highly successful affiliates have established themselves in the UK iGaming niche. 

So, whenever newer affiliates try to enter the scene, they face progressively tougher and tougher competition.

It is extremely difficult for someone who has been working in the iGaming niche in the UK for 4 months to compete with someone who has been working in the same for 4 years.

Yet, do you notice how we keep mentioning that the UK iGaming affiliates scene is saturated but not impossible to penetrate? 

That’s right. While blindly jumping into the industry would be a naive move, making a calculated entrance with a proper arsenal such as great SEO content, and localisation can get you ahead of others. 

To keep yourself safe when the ‘bubble’ does burst – if it ever does – you need a killer SEO team behind your wheels to create an influx of visitors to your website which would help to keep your boat afloat.

In short, the lack of preparation stemming from the fear of the unknown is one of the reasons why new UK iGaming affiliates are afraid of entering the market. 

Higher Barriers of Entry In Other Sectors

Back in the day, it was possible to become a successful affiliate by simply running a basic WordPress website. You could be very successful by simply adding a few themes and widgets to make the website attractive and interactive.

However, these days the standard is much, much higher. A WordPress site, even with a customized theme and widgets, won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, you may have to focus on designing a custom website with a custom domain. The costs involved here are much, much higher. 

If you decide to learn website design and development, you could build the website yourself. But it would require hundreds of hours to get to a good level. 

Alternatively, you could borrow the services of a freelance developer. In that case, it is the cost that becomes prohibitive.

Remember, your affiliate site has to be able to make money. If you spend too much money and still fail to get enough revenue, you would be running a loss.

Maintaining a smart balance is the best way to proceed. And the best way to do that is keeping the website interface user-friendly with the most important aspect intact, a.k.a. content.

Yes, we are once again talking about extremely high-quality content and creating a knowledgeable audience base.

Odds are, other people have already written about the exact same niche and ideas you want to write about.

So, you need to go out of your way to produce unique content.  Go ahead and add unique ideas and niche information that is obscure and hard to find.

Affiliates aim to convert visitors into paying customers for casinos. To do that, you need a specialised sales content team!

New Regulations on the iGaming Industry

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most popular and well-known gambling regulators in the world.

They are also one of the strictest. They are generally considered to be on par with the Malta Gaming Authority when it comes to strict regulation.

Therefore, online casino sites and UK iGaming affiliates both have to tiptoe around a bit. They have to make sure they are not breaking any of the UK Gambling Commission’s regulations.

In recent years, with increasing competition between iGaming websites, there have been an increase in certain shady practices. Many casinos have been offering borderline unfair terms and conditions.

Hence, the UKGC has been probing and investigating these unfair terms. Additionally, in recent years gambling addiction has arisen as a major problem. In order to combat it, the UKGC has placed restrictions on the ways online betting sites are allowed to market themselves.

This has had knock-on effects on UK iGaming affiliates, making things harder all-around.

So if you are planning on launching an affiliate site, make sure to hire the right person or team who are aware of the current gambling scene and up-to-date with all proceedings. 

After all, you don’t want to end up with a website that is full of misleading information far from authoritative sites, do you?

Specialised writers in the iGaming niche can go a long way to turn your venture into a successful one!

Ways To Be An Effective Affiliate – Think Modern!

Despite all the doom and gloom, there are still many opportunities in the UK iGaming affiliate scene. We just have to be smarter about it now.

  • Mobile-Friendly Sites

For starters, there are techniques that are highly effective at improving rankings. Years ago, improving SEO through text and blog posts was the best way.

Now, you can get a great ranking in Google’s search engine results previews by having a solid website design. Most people in the UK use smartphones for online activities. That means the mobile market is a huge one affiliates must target.

One way to do this is to design AMP pages – accelerated mobile pages. AMP pages are deemed favourable by Google.

  • Improve Load Speed

You can also work on optimizing the load times of your websites. If you are not a web developer yourself, then you will have to pay a freelancer to do it instead. 

There are a lot of ways to improve loading speed – compressing images and videos, using SVGs over GIFs, lazy-loading images and media files, etc.

  • Make Use Of Different Platforms

Another way to improve your affiliate marketing is to focus on the social media aspect. Rather than making simple text blog posts, go further. Make infographics, videos, live streams, short clips like Vines and TikToks, etc. 

These types of content are very easy to digest and so attract a lot more viewers. There is also the chance of going viral and suddenly getting massive amounts of traffic. That’s the jackpot you are looking for as an affiliate marketer!

If you can carry these out, then you have a great chance even in an extremely competitive market. Plus, if you can successfully break into the UK iGaming affiliates market, you can reap even bigger benefits and payouts than before.

In our opinion, the UK is still a viable market for affiliates. It simply offers a higher risk for a higher reward. You may have to invest more starting out, but the returns will be really good.

Final Words on the UK Market

The UK is still a viable market for affiliates. In recent years, the number of online casinos or iGaming sites in the UK has exploded massively. Those sites are now competing with each other for highly ranked affiliate marketers.

So, even if you are not a really highly ranked or successful UK iGaming affiliate, you will still get plenty of offers and opportunities. All you have to do is keep up with the times. Instead of relying on old approaches like SEO and Blogs, use the modern tactics I have mentioned.

Make your website optimized for fast loading and mobile viewing. Spread out your content variety and try getting into social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, where a large portion of your potential customer base lies.

Once you apply these ideas,  you will find success even in the tough UK affiliate market!

While you are busy with design and social media, you will need content to be written! That’s where we can come in.

We have top-notch writers with a lot of experience with the UK iGaming industry. They can whip up fresh and modern content for you to use. Reach out to us to get a quote today!

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