3 Different Types of Casino Affiliate Commissions Explained

Affiliate marketing has become one of the integral parts of digital marketing. Casino Affiliate commissions are a key example. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and start earning hundreds a month.

You only need two things to start earning in this business. The first is basic knowledge of marketing. The second is passion, dedication and insights into the casino industry.

But how does the money come in? Through commissions from the casino organisation, of course. You, as an affiliate, get the casino new players and in return, receive casino affiliate commission payments.

There are several different types of casino affiliate commissions. As an affiliate marketer, you need to know all about them. Once you do that, you can easily improve your content delivery and conversion rate.

You may encounter three different types of casino affiliate commissions. Each requires a different strategy from you. Here are our explanations and suggestions for each one.

CPA – Cost Per Action

The goal of basic affiliate marketing is to get customers, right? For a visitor to become a customer, they have to spend money. It could be purchasing something or signing up for a subscription.

This’s the basic idea behind CPA, which stands for Cost Per Action. The casino affiliate commission comes from turning a visitor into an active player. For an online casino, it could be signing up and making the first deposit.

The specific action will vary from program to program. The payout for a CPA casino affiliate commission is usually static. You earn the same whether the referred person deposits $50 or $500.

So, when starting out, be careful about going with a CPA. Make sure you discuss your commission rate with the casino beforehand. It has its advantages and disadvantages, as you have just learned.

CPL – Cost Per Lead

CPL, which stands for Cost Per Lead, is similar. Instead of paying for specific actions, it pays for leads. A lead is a player who visited the casino but didn’t deposit.

The commission payout will depend on what percentage of leads turn into actions. I.e. how many people visit the casino and then later make a deposit.

Some affiliate programs pay for traffic. So your task as an affiliate would be to generate plenty of leads to earn higher commissions. Just make sure the cost of traffic doesn’t outweigh the revenue.

Revenue Share

Revenue Share is probably the most common type of casino affiliate commission. Almost all casino affiliate programs UK has offer it. Like CPA and CPL, it has some pros and cons too.

Revenue share is exactly as it sounds, meaning, the casino shares some of its revenue with you. It’s not the millions they earn every year though. It’s the revenue they earn from players you referred.

For example, a player you referred signs up and starts playing. They wager $1000 in total on a 95% RTP game. With the 5% casino house edge, they earn $50 from the player.

Your commission will be a percentage of this $50. With a 40% commission under Revenue Share, you’ll earn around $20. Most revenue share program commissions range from 30% to 50%.

Some Revenue Share programs are time-limited. They are only valid for a certain number of months. However, most Revenue Share programs are lifetime.

Lifetime revenue share means that you will keep earning the casino’s share of that player’s revenue forever. The stream of money will only stop when the player stops. Or if you leave the affiliate program.

All you have to do is refer several active, long-term players. Then you’re set for life under a Revenue Share program.

But what if the casino earns no revenue from the referred player? What if the player gets lucky and gets a big win? The casino is losing money thanks to the player you referred.

In that case, Negative revenue comes into play. Since the casino has lost some money, the losses will be deducted. You’ll be paid less at the end of the month.

It is also possible to drop into the negatives. In that case, you won’t get paid at all. Not until you are back to positive revenue.

Many affiliate programs have negative carryover. If you go negative, your only option is to earn back to positive revenue. Some programs for casino affiliate commissions have no negative carryover.

No negative carryover means negative revenue is reset each month. You’ll start from 0 rather than minus. This covers for one of the major downsides of revenue share.

If you decide to go with a Revenue Share program, keep this in mind. No Negative Carryover is really important, even more than the commission rate.

Choose the affiliate program to work with carefully. You can check out our post on the highest paying casino affiliate programs UK has.

What about Subscriptions and Hybrid Programs?

Some iGaming affiliate services are based on subscriptions. For instance, a casino might run a paid membership program. A sportsbook tipster might have a monthly subscription.

Recurrent subscriptions essentially work like CPA. The relevant action is simply the monthly renewal. As your referred customers renew their payment monthly, you also get paid.

You may also have heard of Hybrid casino affiliate programs. They combine CPA and Revenue Share for casino affiliate commissions.

You may get paid a commission for customer actions. After they’ve deposited, you can get paid further from revenue.

Picking hybrid casino affiliate programs UK is a great idea. They can pay out a lot of commissions. But you need to negotiate effectively and work for it.

Closing Words on Casino Affiliate Commissions

There’re three types of casino affiliate commissions: CPA, CPL and Revenue Share. All casino affiliate programs use one of these three. Sometimes, they might combine the way the commission is counted.

Each type of casino affiliate commission has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them will help you decide the best one for yourself.

Once you have picked out how to get commissions, what’s next? Actually getting those payouts.

It’s time to produce some content that converts and generate traffic.

It might be the hardest part, but don’t stress out. Reach out to us and find out how we can help.

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