9 Creative Sportsbook Marketing Ideas for Your Inspiration

Creativity is the lifeblood of marketing. There is no other profession that demands as much imagination and inspiration. You need unique sportsbook marketing ideas to get ahead in the game.

If you want to be a successful digital affiliate marketer, you need to come up with new ideas constantly. But don’t worry if you find yourself running dry on occasion. It’s exactly for times like these that we have picked out some creative sportsbook marketing ideas for you.

You are welcome to use these ideas yourself, or simply get inspiration from them and spin off to your own ideas and takes on it.

Here are nine sportsbook marketing ideas, ranging from creative to classic.

Create a Unique and Striking Website Design

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The overall design of the website is the first thing visitors will see when they arrive at your affiliate site. The first impression is really important. Almost 4/5 all marketing companies in the UK put top priority on their user interface and appearance in the past year for a reason.

If visitors open your site and see nothing but a flat gray screen and a wall of text, there is no way they will stay long enough to read and click links. But what if you added a splash of colours, different headings and a hero banner image to set the mood for sports betting?

You could take the unique website design even further. For example, if your affiliate site is focused on football betting, then try incorporating some thematic ideas. Set up the background as a football field and place the CTA inside a football. Add an animation to send the ball flying when the user clicks on the link.

There are a lot of possibilities here. You could easily express a lot of fantastic sportsbook marketing ideas through website design. Just keep the costs of developing such a fancy website in mind.

Build a Personality on Social Media

If you want to engage on social media, you need a personality. You won’t be popular if you just use social media to state facts and occasionally link your website.

To make a name and personality for yourself, simply use sites like Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, etc. Interact with other users actively. Try to create your own niche or personality. Maybe you could be that guy who drops sports betting facts every other day. Maybe you could be that guy who has the latest tips or stats for hockey.

The possibilities are endless. It all depends on how passionate you are and how you can show that off.

Challenge your Customers and Fans

Sports betting fans are often fans of competitions and tournaments. So why not challenge them to one yourself?

Engaging directly with your customers is one of the most effective and engaging sportsbook marketing ideas. You could easily set up a short quiz or prediction challenge related to sports.

Invite your readers and customers to solve a problem or answer a question. Give a random selection of the people who answered correctly a bonus code or voucher. It’s a great way to build up your brand, draw new visitors in with the promise of a chance at a reward, and keep existing fans excited.

Invite your Customers to share stories and experiences

Testimonial are an extremely strong approach to affiliate marketing. You could easily get testimonials from your readers. Just like the previous idea, you can use a chance at winning a voucher or bonus to encourage people to participate in this.

To get testimonials, you can simply ask your customers to make a comment or post about their experience at your site and affiliated casinos. You could even encourage some of them to make a video for a video testimonial.

It doesn’t have to be specifically testimonials either. It could simply be normal stories about sports betting. Either way, interacting with your most dedicated community members this way is fairly normal.

Look for unique and niche data

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Most sports betting affiliates don’t actually talk about completely unique or niche things. Instead, they would rather focus on articles and content that have good SEO, keywords and linking opportunities.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on niche information. It is possible to get traffic and earn money just as easily by discussing topics that are not regularly covered.

People have already read reviews of a particular casino like Betway or William Hill on half a dozen sites. While the review on your site will help them get a better impression of the game, it’s nothing new.

By contrast, chances are, they have not read about the origins of Rugby as a game. Articles about history, trivia, etc are all fair play and good sportsbook marketing ideas.

Localize, Localize, Localize

Local SEO is extremely powerful and taking advantage of it is a no-brainer.

To use localized marketing and SEO, you have to refocus your keywords and your style. You should also do extra research to find out what aspects of a sportsbook would be best for promoting in a particular area.

For example, Football and Tennis are most popular in England. However, in Scotland, Rugby is edging out Football. If you wanted to localize your marketing to a locality narrower than ‘UK’, you could focus on these regional preferences.

Be Generous with Bonuses and Promos

As everyone knows, people like free stuff. So, you should feel free to hand out bonuses and promotional offers and vouchers as often as you can. Soon enough, people will flock to you to get their share of the freebies.

As far as sportsbook marketing ideas go, you can’t go wrong with this one. The one thing you need to watch out for are your affiliated casinos. They might not be happy about giving away so many bonuses. So, be sure to talk to them before you use this particular idea.

Add a Personal Touch through Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective type of marketing for a variety of reasons. 87% of the people in the UK use email on a regular basis. About 20% of them will open the email you sent rightaway.

Most people actually like getting marketing emails. Marketing emails often contain up to date information and promotional offers. You could include the latter yourself as well. Often, the emails can be personalized, so that the recipients feel like they have a more intimate relationship with you.

Keep in mind that the emails are as much a showcase of your content as your actual website is. Design the emails well and try to avoid putting spammy content it in. You want it to reach the inbox, not the spambox.

Target the Mobile Audience

The mobile audience is the single biggest one for sportsbooks. Hardly anybody uses their PCs to browse the internet nowadays when mobile phones can do it just as well and on the go too.

Online casinos have shifted to focusing on mobile phones as well. When you try to apply all the sportsbook marketing ideas we mentioned, keep in mind it should be accessible to mobile phones too.

The main difference between a mobile device and a desktop is simply a matter of screen size. On desktop, you can design the site in landscape, but on mobile it needs to be much smaller and in portrait. Fortunately, most blog hosting sites offer this mode switching automatically nowadays.

Another useful part about mobile phones is push notifications. If you have push notification on your site and the mobile user chooses to activate it, any updates you push will directly notify them like any other phone notification.

Even More Sportsbook Marketing Ideas and Possibilities

These are just a few sportsbook marketing ideas. Some of them, such as building a social media presence and localizing, are really just general affiliate marketing tips. Despite that, I hope you were able to get some sportsbook marketing ideas and inspiration! You can make use of all of them or none of them – it’s up to you.

Just keep in mind that these ideas are only half the battle. Affiliate marketing also relies on a constant release of high-quality, unique content and blog posts.

If you are stumped on that, there is no need to worry. Our team of top-notch writers could create great content that converts for you! Inquire with us to learn more.