Are Online Casino Games in UK Rigged?

So, you have spent the last half an hour spinning the reels, received no wins, and now wondering, are online casino games in UK rigged?

Well, you are not the first one to come up with that question and definitely not the last one. Players trying their luck at online casinos often have a firm notion that the house always wins. But is it so?

Well, online gambling platforms are here to gain profit, so it’s natural that the games may be rigged in favour of the house. But, you may still win the casino games if you understand a bit about how these things work.

Now, I will just stop explaining in Greek and get into the real deal that online casinos often you to hide from you, and thanks to my years of experience in the field, now you will discover it all.

House Edge, RTP… What do These Have to Do with Rigged Casino Games?

When you say that a casino game is “rigged“, basically you are claiming that there’s no way you can ever win this game because the house will always beat you to do. Actually, there’s some truth to it, but not all.

Legit casino games offered at licensed casinos are regulated by the RNG software system and audited by third-party organizations that ensure that each outcome is random and fair. So, although the casino may always gain more money compared to the players due to mathematical advantage, at least you will have an opportunity to win at some point.

A great way to make up your mind about a certain casino game is to understand the following terms first.

House Edge

House edge is displayed as percentages. These indicate the mathematical advantage that the casino has on that particular game. This may vary in different games. Like, you may play a slot machine with 4% house edge while the house edge may remain only 0.5% for table games as the same casino!

RTP (Return to Player)

As you can already see from the game, RTP means how much money you may have in return by spending every hundred. For example, a game with RTP 96% may pet you walk away with £96 of you spend £100. RTP also vary from game to game. So, don’t panic after seeing a low RTP. Maybe it’s the game, not the casino being greedy.

Now, what we have here? When you know both the information, you can easily determine whether the game will be lucrative for you.

How can House Edge Help Me to Win?
Let me answer the question in a single line first – the greater the house edge, the more the payouts. But it can’t really be that simple, can it?

The first thing you need to keep in mind while choosing a casino game is that the house edge may differ due to the type of the game. Like, flat-top jackpot slot machines usually have 96% house edge while the progressive ones offer about 12%.

Then there are the table games. You may find a Blackjack game offering 2%-0.28% house edge, a Baccarat variant with 1.06% house edge, and a Roulette variation with 2.7%-5.26% house edge.

Craps, Keno, and Sic Bo generally come with 0%-13.89%, 20%-30%, and 2.78%-33.33% house edge respectively. Interestingly, the house edge on video pokers may change in every variant.

As you can see now, the maximum house edge is found on slot machines, craps, and keno while the lowest house edge is applied to video pokers. No wonder that the casino bonuses almost always highlight the games with higher house edges.

The Ultimate Decision?

You know about the RTP, you know about the house edge, now it’s up to you to decide how you want to make a profit if you end up winning.

At this point, you can either go for games with higher house edge and bigger payouts or opt for games with lower house edge and smaller winning sums.

How do You Avoid a Rigged Game in an Online Casino?

First of all, AVOID joining a casino that does not have a valid gambling license. Also, scroll over games from unknown software providers with no legitimacy, do not play them.

Then again, some licensed games simply may not be in the mood for rewarding wins. Check the house edge for getting an idea of how many bets it may require to deliver a win on average. If you surpass the average ratio ages ago and still do not win, just let that stubborn game go, and hunt for one that’s not rigged. By now, you must know the answer to are online casino games in UK Rigged?

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