How Much Do Casino Affiliates Earn: The Truth

If you’re thinking about how much do casino affiliates earn before you become one, you’re thinking in the right direction. And to help you out, we’ve created this handy guide regarding the income of modern-day casino affiliates.

Before we go any deeper, you need to remember the earning of a casino affiliate, or any other affiliate for that matter, will be subjective. It’ll depend on so many factors that’s it’s not possible to accurately predict an affiliate’s earning.

However, we know the parameters of how they make money. That’s what we’re going to target in this post. How you utilize the opportunity will determine how much you can earn.

How Do Affiliates Provide Value?

All transactions in the world are based on value. If you’re paying someone, he/she is giving you something of value in return. The same is true when you receive payment from someone.

So, how do casino affiliates offer value to both online operators and the players?

The primary role of a casino affiliate is to compel visitors to go to the casino and open accounts. If you’ve been to various online casinos, you would know that they all follow a similar website structure.

You need to navigate between various pages and links to look for information. Moreover, there might be terms and features that you wouldn’t understand unless you open an account and play with real money.

That’s where affiliates come in. The majority of the casino affiliates from around the world mainly utilize review formats, whether it’s an online casino review, an online sportsbook review, or any particular game review.

The reviews contain in-depth information regarding the topic. Players get all the information they need in one place. They can learn about the games the casino offers, the bonuses they can claim, the security features, the payment methods, and so on.

So, the journey for an average player becomes much easier thanks to the affiliates.

As for the operators, they don’t have to go out of their way to explain different terms and offers to the audience. The affiliates do that for them. Plus, affiliates are responsible for the majority of an online casino’s traffic. So it’s a win-win-win situation for the casino, the players, and the affiliate!

But how much do affiliates make through the process?

Before we answer this question, we need to understand the payment system.

RevShare vs CPA for Casino Affiliates

To understand how much do casino affiliates earn, you need to understand how they earn first. Almost all affiliate programs in the iGaming industry either utilizes a RevShare model or a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model.

RevShare is the short form of Revenue Share where the affiliate earns a percentage of the casino’s revenue from the players that particular affiliate has brought. Online operators even offer up to 50% of the revenue for grab!

While RevShare is the most popular method for affiliates to make money, the road is not so smooth. To utilize RevShare, an affiliate needs to bring in a certain number of new customers every month and sustain the audience for longer.

On the contrary, the CPA model is relatively easy. An affiliate doesn’t share any revenues from the casino in this model. Instead, they get a fixed commission on each new customer they bring into the casino.

It’s a great model if you’re confident that you can always generate new waves of customers. It also broadens your demographic significantly.

Some affiliate programs even offer hybrid models. You can earn from both RevShare and CPA through this one. However, it also means that you need to work much harder to bring both new customers and retain the existing ones.

How Much Do Casino Affiliates Earn?

To answer your question in one sentence, casino affiliates can earn over $50,000 a month from a single online casino!

The number is shocking, right? We know it is. But it’s true. The top casino affiliates easily make six figures every single month by ensuring a steady flow of new and existing customers to online casinos.

But how do they do it?

Credit: Digital Point Forums

It all comes down to how smart you are about your business and what type of audience you are targeting. Look at the list by Digital Point forums for a clear understanding. If you calculate the difference between the deposits and the revenue, you can see how much an affiliate can earn over the year.

The top-tier affiliates have made their business around a few online casinos and a few specific games offered by those casinos. They have dramatically focused their content on certain topics and they are very good at it.

For example, an online casino may offer casino games, live casino games, bingo, lotteries, sports betting, poker rooms, and so on.

But a smart affiliate will only pick one or two services from the list and create content revolving around those. They don’t try to target all of the markets at once. It’s one of the biggest mistakes the rookie affiliates make.  

The $50,000 mark is still for individual affiliates. If you want to even crazier and play in the millions, you need to become a corporate affiliate. Corporate affiliates are full-fledged organizations that work with a large workforce and create content and every single niche out there.

Think of it this way. If you can specialize in poker and make $50,000 a month from promoting poker rooms, imagine how much you can make with a team where the members are all specialists in different aspects like casino games, sports betting, bingo, and so on!

Apart from individual affiliates and corporate affiliates, we can also categorize them as super affiliates who make over six figures, poker affiliates who make over $100,000, private individual affiliates who may make over $500,000, and so on.

The casino affiliate industry is actually as wide as your imagination can take you. The more you invest and the harder you work, the more you can earn.

Finishing Up

How much do casino affiliates earn has been an ongoing question for years? And still, there are no specific answers to this question because it all depends on how the affiliate approaches the industry.

If you want the best out of your efforts and make as much money as possible, you need to focus on publishing the right content with the right SEO measures. It’s something we’ve been specializing in for years. So, reach out to us with any of your queries!

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