Online Forums You Must Follow to Become a Casino Affiliate

You should definitely know about these 5 online forums you must follow to become a casino affiliate in 2021!

There was a time when all online activities that mattered happened in forums. Whether it was a real-time discussion or messaging back and forth with like-minded people, forums were the place to go.

Over time, the internet has become more decentralized. Information has been enriched thanks to the helpful blogs written by amazing writers from all over the world.

However, you still need expert opinion and real-life experience when your goal is to become a casino affiliate.

That’s we’ve put together a list of online forums you must follow to become a casino affiliate.

1. AskGamblers Forum

If you’re acquainted with the online gambling industry, you may have heard of AskGamblers. It’s a very helpful platform for all people who have a passion for online gambling.

AskGamblers has been providing accurate and up-to-date information to gamblers and affiliates since 2006. You’ll find important details about online casinos broken down to the tiniest detail.

But did you know that the platform has an amazing forum as well? It’s one of the most active forums for casino affiliates. They discuss the upcoming opportunities, how to improve the existing affiliate program, learn about the games, trivia and quizzes, and so on.

All of it will help you improve your knowledge base as an affiliate. You can keep yourself updated with the industry trend to offer more value to your visitors than your competitor.

2. GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association)

Dating back to 2001, GPWA has over 15,000 active members at the time of writing. It’s a one-stop solution for iGaming enthusiasts who want to succeed in this space.

Numerous affiliates from all over the world gather around the GPWA forum to share their experiences. By registering for free within a couple of minutes, you can connect with the thousands of casino affiliates to enrich your knowledge even further.

Being part of this online forum gives you free access to the GPWA Times Magazine and the weekly newsletter for free!

3. Affiliate Guard Dog

When you need information regarding the casino affiliate industry in bulk, there’s no need to look any further than Affiliate Guard Dog forums.

It’s one of the richest discussion forums on the internet that specializes in online gambling.

The best thing about this platform is that the forums are categorized into different sections.

When you want to know anything specific, you should head to the AGD Specific Forums.

For all information regarding casino affiliate sales and marketing, you can find a forum category with the same name.

There is a category that covers all general questions and queries about casino affiliates.

Lastly, you will find a forum for software providers! It’s very helpful when you sign up for the affiliate programs offered by the iGaming software providers.

All of the threads are updated constantly by the industry experts. So, you can always expect to get the latest information on your affiliate needs.

4. Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino affiliate programs is a very helpful platform specifically designed for the affiliates! There are hundreds of thousands of threads discussing the nooks and crannies of this business opportunity.


Similar to Affiliate Guard Dogs, Casino Affiliate Programs have categorized the threads for easier navigation.

The first one is the Main discussion area where you’ll see threads like newbie corner, CAP Resolution Service, video section, results from different polls and surveys, and so on.

When you scroll down a little, you come across the industry updates category. Most information about laws, different events, press releases from the online casino industry are listed here.

There are many other sections like the International Affiliate Zone, Affiliate Tips, How To’s, Training, CAP Listed Programs, and so on.

5. Casinomeister

The motto of this platform is ‘Assisting players and serving the online gambling industry since 1998’.

It means that Casinomeister has been around longer than most other forums you find on the internet. It also means that you can expect the greatest and most experienced affiliates here!

The forum section of this website is very active. You can find numerous threads discussing different aspects of casino affiliate marketing.

The topics of discussion literally include anything and everything from the iGaming industry. We believe it’s going to be an amazing learning experience for you.


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Get us to write a review like this for your affiliate site
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