Sports Betting vs Online Poker – Which One to Go For?

You have probably heard a thousand times how online gambling should be all about casual fun and entertainment, but can you really ignore the thrill of winning some cash every now and then? Don’t think so.

So, when you are up for some serious betting session with money flying here and there, which sector lets you catch them more – sports betting or online poker? If this question has been bugging you for some time now, you probably already spent a good few seasons in the online gambling industry. In fact, you have probably participated in both types of betting.

No need to get confused anymore. Let’s explore these betting types and try to understand which one may be more profitable to play with real money.

Are There Any Similarities between Sports Betting and Online Poker?

There are more similarities between online sports betting and online poker than that meets the eye at first. For starters, you can take both as a profession. By that, we don’t necessarily mean that you can earn a lavish lifestyle with earnings from these sources. The amount of winnings often relies more on luck than your level of expertise. So, you may want to stick to professional poker tournaments or major sports events for gaining some significant amount. Cash prizes are relatively higher when it comes to betting for pros. Whether your heart lies with poker or sports betting, you can take either of these to earn extra bankroll for your account.

Then comes the live betting part. Many online casinos offer live poker where players can enjoy gambling in an environment similar to brick and mortar casinos. Live sports betting allows punters to bet on match outcomes in real-time. As long as you are betting for the mere sake of thrill, none of these bet types will disappoint you.

Poker is for the High Rollers

Ever wondered how land-based poker tables are usually packed with players wearing tuxedos or fancy suits? Well, that’s just the beauty of high-rollers. Compared to slot machines, roulettes or baccarat, poker draws players with heavier wallets. High stakes mean huge winnings, but it may also lead to massive losses. So, if you are not afraid to try your luck with big wagers, a good poker table at an online casino maybe your best option for winning large sums.

On the contrary, online sportsbooks allow the punters to place stakes as less as £5 at times. It results in attracting bettors with all types of budgets. Also, there may be restrictions on how much you can bet on each bet type.

If you want to avoid it and stick to royalty, you know which table you should sit next time.

Sports Betting is Better for Strategists

Okay, you may be frowning after reading this reading because unlike poker requires some strategies as well. However, we emphasize sports betting for strategists because betting on sports requires keen observation on the latest happenings, players’ stats, deducting playing patterns – mostly in-depth knowledge about certain markets.

That being said, when you are gambling on poker, every move you make will determine the entire outcome of the game. However, when you bet on a sports event, you do not necessarily have to watch the whole match. You can place bets on events occurring at half time, or on a certain round, or predict any action performed by a specific player. It’s simply more convenient to form a strategy by focusing on one or two aspects of a sport.

Math Whiz? Try Betting on Sports

Probability – this simple term pretty much determines every outcome in a sports event. Now you can see why we are inspiring gamblers good at Mathematics to switch to sports betting for an enhanced winning potential.

As you probably already know, sports betting is all about understanding statistics, observing patterns, and keeping track of trends. If you are good at Maths, these become easier for you to break down, and you end up making a more successful prediction than others.

So, Poker or Sports Betting?

As you can see now, there is no specific answer to this question. It depends on an individual whether online poker or online sports betting will be more suitable for him. If you prefer wagering with higher stakes and enjoy longer sessions, you can start with poker. If you are more into short betting sessions with options of strategizing, suit yourself to sports betting. That’s how simple it is.

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