Top 5 Recommended Beginner-Friendly Casino Games

When you have made up your mind about giving online gambling ago, the first step to find beginner-friendly casino games is to visit a licensed online casino.

Then all of a sudden you are left with thousands of flashy casino games, and no idea of where to start from.

It’s okay, we have all been there and gradually found our way through the exciting world of online games. And now it’s your turn!

From all the years of venturing in the gambling arena, I have found out my casino holy grails – the best casino games for beginners.

These games are easier to learn, entertaining to play, and are perfect for a quick gambling session even when you are simply being a couch potato.

Without further ado, take a look at my picks and see why they should work for you too.

Slot Machines – Best Beginner-Friendly Casino Game

Slot machines are hands down the best casino game for newbies. No complex rules, no need to be a casino guru – just set your wager, spin the reels, and pray to lady luck that you get a winning combination.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Now, why did I keep it at the top of my recommendations? The answer lies in the mere convenience of gambling that slot machines offer.

First, there’s the betting range. You can start each session from as low as £0.01 to a whopping £100! It all depends on your budget and how ambitious you want to be.

Another great thing about slot machines is the variety of designs and gameplay.

If you love retro-style arcade machines that you saw in the movies, go for classic slots. If you are more into HD graphics and an awesome soundtrack, head towards the 3D slots.

As for the payouts, most slot machines come with 96%-98% RTP. So, you may bag a few decent wins while you are gaming with slot machines.


Let’s take the thrill of gambling and add a few strategic moves to it – that’s blackjack for you.

I don’t know about you, but blackjack is widely popular among many first-timers. This is mostly because of the familiar cards and rules that they’re already accustomed to during friendly gatherings.

Although a bit more complex than the slot machines, blackjack fares pretty well in online casinos. You can easily locate a table with small minimums and try your luck.

The best part of blackjack is the secret I am about to spill – you may be able to play blackjack for a long time without losing much money!

How? Just learn the basic strategies, take time to make moves, and don’t go overboard with your wager.

A couple of fails and a couple of lucky swings, and you may be able to get back on your feet within a short time.


There’s a wheel with numbers and a ball that may fall on any of these numbers after being spun. Your role in roulette is to predict where the ball will fall.

Predict right, and you will win the bet!

Now, there are many ways you can place bets on roulette. There’s the American version, the European one, and plenty of other variations that you do not want to try as a beginner.

So, when you opt for the American or the European variant at online live casinos, you can bet on the colour of the number the ball will fall upon.

As there are only two options (actually three if you count the green 0), red and black, you have 50-50 chances of winning the bet.

See why I suggested roulette to the rookies?


Baccarat can be a bit more challenging compared to other recommendations, but since you are already learning so much, why not give it a try?

A game of Baccarat requires you to predict which hand will gain the highest score – the Banker or the Player. You can also bet on a tie if you are really feeling confident.

Betting on the player may be the better option because there’s an extra fee for betting on the banker.

With the house edge being around 1.5%, baccarat may fill your pocket more than some other games.


Craps are not always available at online casinos. If you find one, do check these out because they are super fun!

What you have to do to play craps is to “roll” two dices on the table.

Now, there may be three potential outcomes – natural, craps, and point. And you can either go for Pass Line Bet or Don’t Pass Line Bet.

What you are doing here is betting on whether the player will make the point or crap out.

That’s all you have to do apart from chilling on the couch and enjoying a cold beer.

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