Online eSports Betting Guide: Everything You Need to Know

As one of the newest entrants in the world of sports betting, eSports may not be something that you know a lot about. That is why we have brought this complete online eSports betting guide for you. 

What is eSports Betting?

Before you jump directly into betting on eSports, you need to understand what eSports is. Our online eSports betting guide will break down the entire concept in the simplest terms. 

eSports is short for electronic sports. It involves playing competitive video games by both amateur and professional gamers. 

Due to the rise of online streaming platforms, eSports have had a lot more viewership in recent years. That has led to a lot of competitive tournaments and increasing professionalisation. 

In fact, it is now considered a serious sport and is among the fastest-growing sports. 

Interestingly, bookmakers have been way ahead of the curve in recognising eSports as a serious sport. 

You can now bet on several eSports competitions through major legal bookmakers in the UK. 

A cautionary note that you must remember from this online eSports betting guide is that you should not confuse eSports with virtual sports. 

Virtual sports betting is also rising in popularity in UK sportsbooks. But virtual sports are completely computer-simulated games. Whereas, eSports involve real games competing in video games. 

Betting on eSports is not very different from betting on other sports. There are many similarities. So, if you are familiar with sports betting, betting on eSports will be a walk in the park for you. 

Sports Betting vs eSports Betting 

eSports betting is quite similar to traditional sports betting, as this section of our online eSports betting guide will show. 

Instead of a football or rugby match, you will be betting on certain eSports competitions. This could be in the form of CSGO betting, Dota 2 betting, or League of Legends betting. 

There are eSports teams that compete against one another similar to other sports. So, betting on eSports involves backing one team over another, as you typically would in football or cricket. 

Moreover, you can engage in live eSports betting and watch the live streams of the games at many sites. 

Therefore, there are practically few differences between sports betting and eSports betting, as you can see. 

From your perspective, the only difference you will find is that you will be betting on a CSGO tournament instead of a Chelsea vs Liverpool match. 

Popular eSports Categories

Several popular video games combine to form the emerging field of eSports. 

You can think of them as being equivalent to sporting formats. Cricket can be a good analogy here as it is played in several formats. In cricket, you have T20 tournaments, ODI tournaments, and now there is a Test match tournament as well. 

Similarly, in eSports, the different competitions revolve around different video games. This section will introduce you to a few of the most relevant games. 


The game that deserves first mention in this online esports betting guide is CSGO. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game developed jointly by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth instalment of a popular gaming franchise. It was first released in 2012 and has been ruling the eSports arena ever since. 

Basically, the game is between 2 teams, one called the Terrorists and the other called the Counter-Terrorists. This makes the game similar to most team sports.

Thus, CSGO betting involves backing one team over another. eSports teams will either be competing as terrorists or as counter-terrorists.  There are many eSports teams that compete in CSGO tournaments such as Astralis, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, etc. 

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another multi-player game developed by Valve that is popular in the eSports world. Therefore, it is important that we discuss it in our online eSports betting guide. 

Since its release in 2013, it has come a long way. In fact, some of the biggest eSports tournaments have involved Dota 2. 

In line with other eSports games, Dota 2 is played by 2 teams comprising 5 players each. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s base. 

Some of the most successful Dota 2 eSports teams include names such as PSG.LED, Team Secret,, etc. 

Dota 2 betting also involves backing one team over another. In other words, you bet on the outcome of the game like in other team sports but there is no possibility of a draw here. 

League of Legends 

Finally, any online esports betting guide will remain incomplete without the mention of League of Legends. It is one of the best eSports to bet on. 

It is a multiplayer competitive game played by 2 teams. Each team tries to protect their territory at the same time as trying to destroy the opponent’s territory. 

League of Legends was released in 2009 by Riot Games. Even though it is the oldest game in the lost, it is reputed to be the largest eSports game in the world. 

There is even a League of Legends World Championship today that is viewed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. This tournament is not only broadcast by eSports-specific channels but mainstream channels like ESPN as well. 

So, you can imagine the pace at which eSports is seeping into the mainstream sporting culture. 

You have a chance to be ahead of the curve by starting League of Legends betting right away! 

But how to bet on eSports, you ask? That is what this online eSports betting guide is for, right? The next section will tell you all about it. 

How to Bet on eSports?

If you are interested in eSports betting, the options are unfortunately limited as yet. There are a few major sportsbooks that currently offer eSports betting. Many more are surely on the way. 

But you have a handful of sportsbooks that have active eSports betting markets today. That makes getting the best deals and bonuses a bit difficult. You have to content yourself with what is available. 

However, our online eSports betting guide recommendation would be for you to start engaging in eSports betting, at least on a small scale. This is still a new and changing landscape. You need to familiarise yourself with the terrain. 

As per our online eSports betting guide, you need to develop an understanding of the rules of the games. Besides, you will also need to recognise the teams and their profiles. 

Learn as much about the teams as you can and bet on them from time to time. Monitor their performance and make your own judgements. 

As this field is projected to grow into something big and revolutionary, you would have a competitive edge if you start early. 

Strategies and Online eSports Betting Guide

Strategies that are commonly associated with sports betting can help you in eSports betting as well. 

For example, matched betting strategy, arbitrage betting strategy, and handicap betting are familiar terms in sports betting. You can use such strategies in eSports betting too. 

If you are not familiar with those strategies, our online eSports betting guide will help you understand them. 

Matched betting strategy is where you basically bet on all possible outcomes in a game. In other words, you leave nothing to chance. 

Arbitrage betting strategy is where you strategically make multiple bets on a single event to maximise your profit potential. 

Thirdly, handicap betting is useful in a situation where 2 vastly unequal teams collide in a sporting contest. The overwhelming favourites are burdened with an additional handicap so that it becomes more viable to bet on the underdogs. 

Furthermore, as live eSports betting is also available, you can monitor the direction of the game and odds in real-time. You can use that to build impromptu strategies. 

FAQ – Online eSports Betting Guide 

Some of the most pertinent questions around eSports have been answered in a bite-sized format in the final section of our online eSports betting guide. 

What Is eSports?

eSports revolves around competitive video game tournaments played by both professional and amateur games. It is an emerging niche in the larger sporting world. It is becoming more professionalised, organised, and mainstream with every passing day. 

How to Bet on eSports?

Betting on eSports is similar to sports betting. In most team sports, you would bet on one team over another. eSports games too are played by 2 teams, one of which you have to put your money on. 

As far as eSports betting sites are concerned, currently, there are several legal sportsbooks in the UK where you can bet on eSports. However, the options are still quite limited, especially compared to other sports. 

What Is the Best eSports to Bet on? 

League of Legends, Dota 2, and CSGO are among the best eSports to bet on. As far as the absolute best is concerned, that will depend on your personal preferences. There is no game that is unquestionably best for everyone. 

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