Guide to Playing Baccarat Online

For punters who are new to table games, baccarat may be the best one to start with. The reason? Well, it is played with traditional card decks, easy to understand, thrilling, and can be played for real money.

Presumably originating in Italy in the 1400s, today Baccarat is played all across the globe. In fact, there are numerous Baccarat variants found in both online and brick and mortar establishments.

If you are thinking of giving this highly entertaining casino game a try, continue reading our in-depth guide to online baccarat and begin your gambling sessions right away!

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game of chance that is bet in three different ways. Regardless of the variant, the basic rules in baccarat remain the same which makes it one of the very first games to be approached by fortune hunters in both online and land-based casinos. While learning proper rules of the game can increase one’s winning potential, it may also be possible to win a baccarat without knowing any rule at all.

Wondering how that works? Then take a look at the rules in baccarat games.

How to Play Baccarat Online?

Unlike land-based casino establishments where you have to wait for an empty table to be on your baccarat sessions, you can start playing baccarat anytime you want at an online casino.

Simply join a licensed and legal gambling site that offers baccarat. Then select a suitable baccarat variant, place your wager and click on the “Deal” button. This is a standard version where the cards will be dealt with automatically. To enjoy a realistic gambling experience, you can opt for live dealer baccarat where the cards will be dealt with by a professional in an attractive casino environment.

At this point, you have to make a bet on the potential hand you will win. You can make a bet on the player or the banker. Once you do so, two cards will be dealt for the player and the banker. For cards with a value from 0-5, you will receive an extra card. If your card value ranges from 6-7, there will be no third card. However, if the card value remains 8-9, you will win the round.

So, what if you go over 9? Actually, you can’t. The face cards and tens have no value, and the highest value counted in baccarat is 9, so if your card count goes above 9, it drops down to 0.

Baccarat Card Values, Bank Moves, and Other Rules

Although baccarat outcomes are unpredictable like all table games, knowing some basic rules comes in handy. Check out how it is played out in online casinos so you know what you are up for.

The first thing you need to know about online baccarat is that the game involves a 6-deck or an 8-deck. Also, suits are not taken into consideration. So, you only need to keep in mind the values of each card. That being said, K, Q, J, and 10 are no value, i.e., they are counted as 0. Ace, on the other hand, is counted as 1 while the remaining numbers ranging from 2-9 carry their numeric value.

Then comes the rules regarding card dealing in baccarat. Although the game begins with two cards being dealt on the player’s or the banker’s side, there may be a third card depending on the card value. Here’s how it works:

The bank receives hand in value 2 or less – The bank takes a third card.

The bank receives hand in value 3 – If the player’s third card value is less than 8, the bank takes a third card.

The bank receives hand in value 4 – If the player’s third card is not a 0, 1, 8, or 9, the banker takes a third card.

The bank receives hand in value 5 – If the player’s third card is not 4, 5, 6, or 7, the bank takes a third card.

The bank receives hand in value 6 – If the player’s third card is not 6 or 8, the bank takes a third card

The bank receives hand in value 7 – The bank does not take a third card.

Best Strategies for Winning Online Baccarat

If you paid attention to everything we have written so far, then you are probably already thinking that baccarat is entirely a game based on guessing. However, that is not always the case. In fact, there have been plenty of baccarat strategies formed by pro players over the years. Take a look at them below. Some may work for you while some may not, but let that not stop you from applying them to your baccarat games. We recommend you try these in the free play versions first. Once they seem effective as per your playing style, then go for real money baccarat sessions.


This is not the card values. Instead, you need to keep this strategy on mind while wagering on consecutive sessions. Gradually increase your stake following this order so that you can easily cover your previous losses with every few bets.

However, this strategy has some limitations as well. You need to know when to stop and exit the table. Do so as soon as you reach your betting limit for the session.


Instead of switching bets on each side randomly, you may consider betting on either the banker or the player. In this way, there’s always a 50-50 chance of winning, and you may be able to gain a winning bet eventually.

One-sided betting is a pretty good strategy that does not require much knowledge regarding the gameplay. However, set a winning limit before you opt for this. Also, try to stick to the banker or the player instead of a tie that has a relatively lower chance of appearing.


This baccarat strategy encourages you to increase your stake every time you win a bet. So, you can increase to 2 after 1, and 4 after 2, but then pause for a while. Whether you win or not, start from 1, 2, 4 all over again.

Effective Baccarat Tips for New Players

So, you have given the above-mentioned strategies a try and have managed to pull off a few wins, but what’s next? How do you continue your lucky streak? The answer is simple – remain persistent in learning. Here’s how you can increase your baccarat knowledge and eventually become a pro at online baccarat.

Practice in Free Play Versions

When you are playing in real money casinos, naturally you pay more attention to winning cash than the actual gameplay. So, try out a few free play sessions to understand the rules and terms of the game. Apply this knowledge later when you are confident enough.

Opt for a Betting Strategy

It’s true that there are no full-proof betting strategies to ensure winning baccarat each time to play. However, many punters swear by distinct strategies that work for them. So, sort out a few first and check out which one is destined for you.

Know Which Side to Bet On

When you bet on the banker, you get around 45% odds while betting on the player gives you an average of 44%. Betting on the tie given you even lesser odds of around 14.44%. Although these vary depending on the casino you choose, go through them before you make a bet. This may help you to understand which bet gives you better profit potential.



1.    Which table game is similar to baccarat?

Ans. Blackjack is the most similar to baccarat. So, if you are familiar with blackjack online, you can easily switch to one baccarat.

2.    What are the most popular online baccarat variants?

Ans. The most popular online baccarat variants include punto banco, baccarat banque, chemin de fer, mini baccarat, and so on.

3.    Can I win real money from playing online baccarat?

Ans. Yes! If you play online baccarat at a real money online casino, you can win real cash.

4.    What are the odds in different baccarat bets?

Ans. On average, baccarat games have excellent odds of 98%. Usually, it is possible to achieve this much by winning the bet on the banker or the player. With a winning bet on the result being a tie, the odds are even higher.

5.    Which baccarat hand is the winning hand?

Ans. The highest hand value one can achieve in baccarat is 9. Therefore, the winning hand is the one with a value closest to 9.

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