PayPal for Online Gambling

PayPal is a renowned payment system offering safe and easy monetary transactions. Due to security, convenience, and global acceptance, many online gambling sites also feature PayPal as their banking systems.

PayPal is a renowned payment system offering safe and easy monetary transactions. Due to security, convenience, and global acceptance, many online gambling sites also feature PayPal as their banking systems. This payment method has pretty much every advantage you would require as a casual or a professional gambler, so it’s no surprise that more and more casino-goers are opting for PayPal to support their gaming endeavours.

Whether you are planning to sign up with PayPal or considering using it on gambling platforms, give our PayPal for online gambling review a read. Here we will be acknowledging both the pros and cons of using PayPal so that by the end of the article, you know what’s in store for you.

PayPal for Online Gambling – Past and Present

No overview is complete without learning about the history first, so that’s where we will start from.

Although PayPal is one of the widely-known phenomena in tech-savvy businesses, its journey dates back to almost 2 decades ago, in 1998. The company began its career as a security software developer and later turned towards creating an advanced eWallet money transfer service in 1909.

The highlight of PayPal’s achievement is marked by its successful partnership with the e-commerce giant eBay in 2002. Today, PayPal takes pride in its 180 million+ users scattered all across the globe, a number that continues to increase by the day.

PayPal can be used for both online and offline purchases, so it’s only fitting that you avail of its fast and user-friendly services in your gambling-related and other personal transactions.

Benefits of Using PayPal Services at Online Casinos

The main reasons for using eWallets in online gambling sites are security and payout speed. PayPal excels in these aspects as it ensures the complete safety of your baking data, instant deposits, and fast withdraws. In fact, your winnings may be credited to your account within 2 to 48 hours after the withdrawal request is processed by the operator.

Apart from these general factors, PayPal offers a few other extra services that make it stand out among its competitors. Take a look at some of these below.

Top-Notch Safety Measurements

PayPal boasts of a clean track record which strengthens its claim of providing high-quality security features. All transactions maintained via PayPal are encrypted so that there are no safety breaches. There is also a 24/7 monitoring system and support service that ensures maximum client satisfaction. Moreover, PayPal teams up with legal and licensed, casinos only, you get an extra dose of assurance when you join a PayPal casino.

Wide Range of Options

In addition to an e-wallet, PayPal offers a mobile app, credit card, debit card, etc., which can be used for local and international transactions. As PayPal allows you to complete transactions in a few clicks or taps, you can use it anywhere at any time within a moment’s notice.

Excellent Customer Service

PayPal has a superb customer support service that offers instant assistance via live chat, telephone, and email. The service is available in multiple languages and many locations so that you can always experience a smooth and consistent PayPal service.

Disadvantages of Using PayPal for Online Gambling

The positives of PayPal may be too good to ignore, but there are a few drawbacks that we would like to bring to your attention.

Lack of Availability

As impressive as PayPal is, this payment method is not offered in many UK-based online casinos. Although you can use it on gambling sites from other regions, there may be some small fees involved. So, before you choose PayPal as your preferred method, be sure to check the availability and terms first.

Not Eligible for Welcome Bonus

Some gambling sites offering generous welcome bonus packages often restrict eWallets users from claiming the offer. Unfortunately, PayPal also falls under this category at times.


Q: Do I have to pay an extra charge while using PayPal?

A: You do not have to pay any extra charge or fees if you use an already existing balance or electronic money transfers from your bank account. But you may have to pay 2.9% fees if you use PayPal credit or debit card in online casinos.

Q: How do I get started with PayPal?

A: Getting started with PayPal can be done in a few simple steps. First, visit the company’s website. You will find the sign-up form there. Create a PayPal account by filling up this form and add some credits to your PayPal account. Once it’s done, you can start gambling at your selected PayPal casino.

Q: Can I use a PayPal account for online gambling that’s not mine?

A: No! While it is a common practice to use different PayPal accounts for online purchases, you have to use your personal PayPal account at the gambling sites.

Q: What is the minimum deposit amount made via PayPal?

A: PayPal itself does not set a fixed deposit amount; however, you may have to credit anywhere from £5 to £20 to your casino account depending on the site you choose.

Q: Is PayPal legal in UK-based casinos?

A: Yes. Many online casinos offer PayPal as a payment method. You may even find casinos with special bonuses for PayPal users if you are keen enough.

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