5 Best WordPress Themes for Casino Affiliates

The best WordPress themes for casino affiliates can do wonders for your affiliate marketing business.

WordPress has been a very popular platform for building websites thanks to its seamless integration and ease of use.

There are more than 64 million websites that run on WordPress! The number is already staggering and it’s destined to increase as time goes by.

So, if you’re thinking about launching your casino affiliate website on WordPress, you’ve made the right decision.

In this post, we’re going to look at the 5 best WordPress themes for casino affiliates like you. We’ve handpicked these themes to give you the ultimate opportunity to succeed.

The Thing We’ve Considered While Choosing the Themes

A WordPress theme may offer various features to the users. But not all of them apply to all types of business models.

As you’re trying to develop a website as a casino affiliate, you need certain features that other businesses may not benefit from.

So, here is the list of things we’ve considered before coming up with the list.

  • SEO Friendliness: For all kinds of websites, SEO is a crucial aspect. So, the theme you use must be optimized for good SEO practices.
  • Browser Compatibility: Your casino affiliate website may be accessed from anywhere in the world and from any device you can think of. So, the theme must be compatible with all kinds of browsers.
  • Plugin Support: WordPress’s primary popularity depends on the plugins. So, if a theme doesn’t allow plugins, there’s no point in developing it on the WP platform at all.
  • Page Builder: If you’re a beginner and want to develop your website by yourself, the casino affiliate theme you choose must belong to the ‘Page Builder’ category. This way, you can design the website by simply dragging and dropping assets.

Coinflip by ThemeForest

Being a part of the Envato Market, ThemeForest has been providing spectacular HTML and CMS themes for years. It also offers amazing themes for platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce.

Coinflip is one of the themes that are optimized for casino affiliates. It has many pre-built web pages that you can customize to house your content.

You can easily create separate pages for your slot reviews, casino reviews, payment method reviews, and so on.

The great thing about the best WordPress themes for casino affiliates is that they’re not just for show. Your marketing strategy depends on your theme choice as well!

When you use Coinflip, you can easily publish new content as well as go for an active blog page.

If you’re not sure what to put up in your blog section, feel free to content us. We have an amazing itinerary of gambling writers for hire! We can fulfil your casino content marketing needs like no one else!

Last but not the least, Coinflip plays very well with other WordPress plugins. It’s even integrated with bbPress that allows you to create a forum for your readers!

2. Mercury

Developed by Space Themes, Mercury is another handy WordPress theme for your casino affiliate website.

Mercury has been appreciated by users for its fast response times and profit-making layouts. You can simply integrate the theme with your WordPress backend to create the casino affiliate website of your dreams.

The Mercury theme gives you absolute control over your website design and customization.

Many users even declare it as the best theme for casino affiliates thanks to its custom post types. When you want to focus on the bonus deals, pros and cons, different game types, or anything else, Mercury has got you covered.

The theme has been developed from the ground up keeping casino affiliates in mind. It comes with some astonishing business tools such as social buttons, professional assistance, restricting specific countries with the geolocation feature, and so on.

Mercury theme for casino affiliates comes with 10 pre-designed pages. But don’t get fixated on that because you can create as many web pages as you want with the tools we’ve discussed so far.

3. Poka

When it comes to WP themes for casino affiliates, Poka is one of the best in class. It doesn’t matter whether you’re capitalizing on online casinos or sports betting platforms.

The theme even has integrated assistance to help you build the website just as you want them.

According to the developers, there are four demos for this theme that you can import and view over 100 variations of your visualization. It helps you fine-tune your casino affiliate website like nothing else.

If you have plans to post tutorial videos on your website, Poka has a very unique preset tutorial page. You’ll find a complete set of colour videos to minimize the bounce rate of your website dramatically.

The modular design of the theme allows you superior control over the features and widgets you want to add to your website.

You can optimize the SEO for your affiliate marketing website easily as well because the theme is developed with best SEO practices in mind.

One of the main reasons you should opt for the Poka theme is the straightforwardness. The developers know that your target is to generate revenue. So, they have included all the tools you’ll need to achieve your goal.

4. Flytonic

Flytonic is the brainchild of Thomas Calkins and Jonathan Wanchalk.

Many affiliates have been using Flytonic themes for their poker sites and other online gaming services. This practice gave Flytonic an edge over its competitors.

And you can use this very innovative theme to gain an edge over your competitors as well.

When you first start exploring this theme, you’ll notice that the content layout is quite different from other WP themes you’ve come across.

While the focus is on online gambling, you can practically customize every aspect of the website!

You even get to change the entire appearance of the theme according to your design choice. But it requires a little more knowledge than usual.

The theme showcase is a very neat feature in our opinion because you get to see how other affiliates are using this theme on their websites.

The templates used in Flytonic themes are responsive and optimized for SEO. Whether your audience visits your website from their desktop or mobile devices, they can expect the same level of page load times and optimization.

5. BeTheme

Developed by the Muffin Group, BeTheme belongs to the ThemeForest family as well. It’s an overall great theme for bloggers, online marketplaces, and most importantly, casino affiliates!

There are plenty of demo websites you can browse through before you decide to add BeTheme into your WordPress dashboard.

The demo websites can also give you amazing ideas about how you can decorate your casino affiliate website!

It’s a very beginner-friendly template which means you don’t need any coding knowledge or website development skills!

So, what are you waiting for? Include BeTheme into your library and get the best out of your affiliate marketing adventures.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is the market leader when it comes to website development platforms. If you’re thinking about launching your casino affiliate website on WP, you must have a clear idea of which themes to use.

In this post, we’ve put together the 5 best WordPress themes for casino affiliates. Now, it’s your job to figure out which one you want.

Also, once your website is up and running, don’t forget to contact us to start marketing your platform. From your casino review needs to crafting web copies, we’ll be there for you all the way.

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Get us to write a review like this for your affiliate site
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