FIFA World Cup Betting Tips to Get the Biggest Wins

FIFA World Cup Season is amidst us and this one is sure to be a kicker. For fans of one of the biggest football rivalries since the late 2000s, this World Cup could be the last time they see their favorites play for the world title. It’s also time to be aware of World Cup betting tips.

Whether you’re putting all your support behind Leo Messi’s Argentina, or Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, you know this World Cup is not one to miss.

Of course, there are plenty of other favorites in for the title. 2022 marks Karim Benzema’s first appearance in the World Cup for France since 2014 and might also be one of the last times we see Sergio Ramos play in the Spanish National Team jersey.

If ever there was a World Cup that you should without fail start betting on, it’s going to be this one. Every single fixture is sure to be intense and blinking once means you miss out on a lot. Take a look at some of our World Cup Betting tips to help yourself out.

Predictions for FIFA World Cup 2022

Bet on your favorite team this World Cup

The top dogs have always been Brazil, Argentina, and Spain among a couple of other countries. But France, in the past decade has built a goliath of a national team. It’s no wonder they beat Croatia back in the 2018 Edition.

If we had to pick a winner for this edition, it would be between France and England. England is the dark horse this time around considering its stats so far in the competition.

As of writing this article, the group stages for the competition is set to begin where 16 countries will emerge victorious among the 32. These 16 will be reduced down to 8 in the knockout stages.

Our predictions for the quarter final teams include Argentina, Brazil, France. Depending on the group stages and what kind of fixtures we see in the knockout stages any of Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium or England might make it. But it’s pretty tough to say since the group stages haven’t even started so all we can provide are a few World Cup betting tips.

Favourites to Bet on in FIFA World Cup 2022

If we’re looking odds, the top teams to win this editions World Cup according to CBS Soccer are Brazil with odds of +450, France with +550, and England with +600. Argentina’s odds are a little bit worse off at +1000 and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal has odds of +1200. But nothing is impossible in today’s football climate. Our World Cup betting tips would include looking at individual players stats as well.

If we’re talking about group stage fixtures, Brazil vs Serbia is set to be a big match. Brazil is one of the all-time World Cup betting favourites. And with rising stars like Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo of Real Madrid who might get called up, it’s done it again. Again, Serbia this time around has proved itself in the play-offs and has multiple players who have participated in top leagues.

Another group stage fixture that punters might find exciting is the Netherlands vs Senegal. Netherlands is in top form for this edition of the World Cup consisting of highly rated players like Van Dijk, De Ligt, Memphis Depay and De Jong. On the other hand, Senegal is the current AFCON Champion, so you can’t exactly write them off.

Popular Markets to Bet On

Betting markets

There’s no limit to imagining the kinds of bets you can place for a competition like the FIFA World Cup. Whether you’re a rookie punter or you’ve been in the business a while, you can find some of the best markets from our World Cup betting tips.

Outright Bet

Just like it sounds, you pick the outright winner of the match. Usually, this kind of bet is more popular when there’s a mentionable skill difference between the two teams. So, if France is put against Canada, just based on the current team performance, you would presume France would win.

A lot of the time people bet on the underdog in these situations to make the experience more exciting.

Over/ Under or Totals

For this type of bet, you might want to be a little bit more knowledgeable about the goal scorers in a team. Essentially, the bookmaker predicts the total amount of goals the game will end in. Your job is to guess whether the actual outcome will go over the prediction or under.

If you know who the goal scorers for the two teams are and their current form, you could easily guess whether the match would end over or under.

The prediction that the bookmaker will give you will usually be a fraction like 3.5. A football game can’t have half a goal. So, the reason the bookmaker does this is to prevent itself from tying with the gambler.

Accumulator or Parlay

If your bet has 4 or more selections that are an accumulator bet. Basically, your bookmaker can alter bets to be anything it wants. So, if you’re betting on Portugal to win a fixture, you might also vote on Cristiano Ronaldo scoring, Pepe committing a foul and Portugal being ahead at halftime.

If all 4 of your selections end up being accurate, you win the bet. However, if even one selection is wrong, you lose your stake. Accumulator bets are great if you want to wager less with the potential to win big.   

Popular Betting Sites

Popular Betting Sites

There’s plenty of World Cup betting sites where punters can go to place bets for the FIFA World Cup. But we have a few top picks that we think are perfect for the job:

  • Betway

Bet365 is one of the most popular betting sites across the globe. It has tons of experience in the industry for over a decade. Betway offers great World Cup betting odds and you’ll find plenty of markets as well.

Betway also has some great banking options that are secure and super fast. The sportsbook is also optimized for mobile and has a separate mobile app. The app has the exact same features as the web version but the layout is adapted for mobile.

  • 22bet

22bet is great for international payers as it offers easy banking. With plenty of options to select from, 22bet gives punters some of the best football odds out there. The odds along with relevant stats are listed very clearly and the website is pretty easy to navigate as well.

22bet has a mobile version as well as a mobile app. The app was designed specifically to be adapted to mobile and give punters a smooth betting experience.

  • William Hill

Now, this is what you call an industry leader. William Hill has been in the gambling business for nearly a century. It offers you any kind of casino game or sportsbook you can think of.

William Hill has a mobile-compatible website. It offers fast and secure payment gateways. You can get your payouts in less than 4 days. We actually have a dedicated review on William Hill if you want to check it out.

Things to Look for in a Bookmaker

With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, bookmakers around the world are counting the days for when they’ll have a flurry of clients betting on the national teams. That’s why next on the list of World Cup Betting tips, we talk about the things you need to look for in a bookmaker.

When selecting a betting website for football matches, make sure you know what you’re looking for. Depending on where you’re from, a lot of bookmakers might not even be available in the country. For a safer experience with the same excitement, look for the following in a bookmaker:


The sportsbook you visit should be a secure one with the appropriate measures in place to protect your information. Make sure that the website is SSL encrypted with at least 128bits. You should also make sure that the bookmaker is legal in your area and has the correct licenses to be operating.

Payment Methods

Secure payment methods are the most important thing you should look for in a bookmaker. It should provide the common and more widely available methods for the ease of international visitors.

And it should also transparently list the options along with the withdrawal times. If the withdrawal times are more than the usual 3 days or at most 7 days, we suggest straying away from that.

Betting Odds and Markets

The odds for teams in the World Cup are more or less going to be the same on every website. But there’s going to tons of markets that you can participate in. Compare between a few bookmakers to give yourself the highest odds of winning with the given markets.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses aren’t really a topic of conversation for FIFA World Cup betting since it comes once every four years. This year’s competition is set to last about 28 days. So, you can’t get very far with just a bonus.

However, there are bonuses that are created specially during World Cup season. If you take a look at the bonuses section at individual sportsbooks, you’ll find plenty to suit your needs.

Customer Support

Considering the fact that there’s going to be so many people betting on the FIFA World Cup, a few technical difficulties are bound to occur. The website could crash, payment gateways could freeze, your app could stop updating among other issues. Make sure the sportsbook has a 24/7 live chat option so that you can take of this issues immediately without it affecting your ongoing bets.


World Cup Betting Tips for FIFA World Cup 2022

Set strategies based on the market

Of course, you’ll want to have a strategy before going in to the betting scene for FIFA World Cup. Considering the number of markets for this competition, you should really think about your strategy and go into it with a clear mind.

Limit Your Spending

The very first thing you should do is decide how much you’re going to spend per fixture. Since it’s not just pre-match betting, sportsbooks also offer live betting where you can accumulate your bets as the match goes on. If you get too wrapped up in the game and bet too much at the very beginning, that’s a sure-fire way to lose a nice chunk of your money. 

Know the Teams

Be very well-versed in the national teams and what players have been called up. Teams could have been unbeatable in past editions of the competition, but if the skill and forms of the current team players don’t compare, that could be a trap for punters.

If you spend some time collecting the league statistics of the top players in a team you can get a lot of insight into how the team might perform as a whole. You should also watch highlights of the qualifiers to get a feel for how the team has been performing so far.

Don’t Write-off the Underdogs

We mentioned earlier that England could potentially be a dark horse for this edition. Players like Harry Kane, Trent Alexander, Phil Foden, and Rahim Sterling have done their parts in the Premier League. Now it’s their time to shine in the World Cup this season.

Don’t Get Emotional

It’s very easy to get swelled up in your emotions for your own country and continue to bet on that. But if you’re a resident of Qatar, we wouldn’t suggest you pour all of your life savings into betting Qatar gets past the group stages. You’d just be making some lucky sportsbooks very wealthy.

Betting on the underdog in a match is one thing. But betting on a sure loss will get you nowhere.

Who’s Going to Win the 2022 Edition?

We’ve supplied to you an arsenal of information about the FIFA World Cup 2022. While not every single prediction is bound to be right, we’re pretty confident about most of our picks. What are your predictions for the finals?

When you’re placing bets on your favourite team, keep in mind the issues we brought up about getting too emotional and betting too much too fast. Sports betting first and foremost is a means of entertainment. So, if you end up losing all of your money, you’re the only one liable.

Of course, there are things you can do to protect yourself from something like that happening. Practice responsible gambling and try to limit yourself.

If you enjoyed this article on World Cup Betting 2022, take a look at our other article about esports betting.

For more things gambling-related, get in touch with us.


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