How to Write a Good Content Brief For The iGaming Industry

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes before an article is written? You’re in the right place to learn about how a Content Brief for iGaming industry works.

As an affiliate site owner, your job is the overall marketing plan. You typically won’t have the time to write all the content too. Most likely, you’ll outsource it to a dedicated writer.

Now, things are usually smooth if the writer is in-house. If they know what you expect, then there’s no problem. But what about outsourced writers? How do they know what you expect?

The answer is simply a content brief for the iGaming industry. So, we’ll tell you why and how content briefs are useful. And also about writing a good content brief for iGaming industry-related work.

Content Brief for iGaming Industry in Brief

First, we have to explain what a content brief is.

It is basically a document that outlines the structure of an article. In most cases, it will also outline the content in brief.

The ideal brief doesn’t need to go any further than that. It should include every single piece of information the writer needs. The writer should not have to come back to you for clarification.

The writer will simply take the brief and write the article. When they return it to you, it’ll be as you expected. The only edits should be minor ones.

On the other hand, what if the brief isn’t clear enough? There will be a lot of back-and-forth between you and the writer. That will slow down the whole writing process.

We all want to avoid that issue. So, here is what should be included in a great content brief for iGaming industry articles. 

Information and Objectives


The content brief should highlight background info about you and your business. Then it should go over the objectives of the article. This could simply be an informative piece, or it could be a guide for playing a casino game, or it could be an opinion piece.

The type of article will affect the overall direction and tone. So, it’s important to clarify that. The writer should also know who the audience is.


Be concise and clear about deadlines. Remember to account for the volume of content. Expecting a large article with a lot of research? Be flexible and generous with the deadline.

Ask the writer for an estimate before you finalize the deadline.

Volume of Content

The volume of content will also affect the writing style. A short article should condense a lot of information and be matter-of-fact. A longer article such as Pillar pages should be informative without padding.

Full Content Structure

One of the most important parts to include. You will most likely have requirements about how the content should be structured. Detail them in as much detail as you like.

Describe the different sections and their purpose. Describe any subsections as well if you would like to have them. You can also detail which points should be covered in each section.

If the article should be more freeform, let the writer know. They’ll be able to decide the structure on their own judgment.

SEO Requirements

If you have any particular requirements for SEO, now’s the time. These include keywords, anchor phrases and links, and meta-titles and descriptions. Featured Snippets, Testimonials, and other links can go here as well.

This is fairly important for your website. So, don’t be afraid to list strict requirements regarding keyword counts, density, water content and so on.

Media Resources to Use

Media Resources

This is where you include any media resources to use. This includes images, videos and graphics. If you have such files prepared, then this is fairly straightforward.

If you want the writer to choose media, then mention it. Give your requirements as well: dimensions, maximum file size, licensing, etc. 

If you want it from a particular site, remember to include that. Otherwise, most of the time writers will pick from stock photo websites.

Things to Avoid

There are obviously things you don’t want to be mentioned in an article. It might be a particular topic or style to avoid. 

For example, you might want the writer to avoid using ‘You’. Or to avoid using passive voice and use only active voice.

You may also list competitors you don’t want to be copied or linked. This is particularly important, as some copywriters may base their copies on information from other highly ranked sites.

Style Guide and Writing Voice

You may have a particular style that the writer needs to emulate. If so, explain it as much as possible. For example, you could explain how you use the second person. Or how you add CTAs.

If the text is going to be localized, then mention what the local style is. An example of this would be UK vs US tones. A UK audience responds better to more a more formal voice than a US audience. 

Language and Localization

Language and Localization

Language and localization matter if you are ordering content in different languages. You can’t simply say “French” or “Portuguese”. There are different dialects – Portuguese and Brazilian, or French and Canadian French.

Samples and References

Finally, samples are very useful to a writer. You can provide as much detail about style, tone and language as you want. However, none of them will be as effective as providing a full written example.

Provide the writer with samples of your previous content. This will go a long way towards helping them emulate your style.

How Long Should a Brief be?

A brief should be just as long as necessary.

Keep in mind that the writer will check the brief several times. They will do so before starting to write and several times during writing. This is in order to make sure all the instructions are being followed.

So, the longer the brief is, the more things the writer has to check. This slows down the writing process. 

Wrapping Up in Brief

The content brief is one of the most important parts of managing your site. It should be precise and comprehensive. An effective brief means an effective writer.

You are free to leave out any of the above content from the brief. If you do, the writer will use their own judgment or come to you for clarification. 

Both of these can slow down the writing process. They may also make an article inconsistent with the rest of your site. This is especially true if the writer has a radically different style.

Keeping the content homogenous makes an affiliate site look better. That’s why you should provide as much detail as possible.

If you’re having issues finding good writers to do SEO content, don’t worry! Your troubles are now over. Reach out to us at any time – we have some great copywriters on standby!

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