How Real-time Data Usage is Changing the iGaming Affiliate Marketing Game

One of the most amazing parts of the modern internet landscape is our ability to collect data. It is possible to collect data about nearly everything and analyze it in real time.

This ability is extremely useful for affiliate marketing. It is one of the biggest game-changers the iGaming affiliate industry has seen recently.

If you are confused as to how this happened, don’t worry. In this post, we will explain why Real Time Data in iGaming is so useful, how data collection works, and most importantly, how you can leverage it to improve your marketing game.

Why is Real Time Data in iGaming so useful?

Importance of Real Time Data

You might be wondering why is real time data so useful? What advantage does it offer?

Marketing is all about information. More specifically, it revolves around information about what your potential customers want and like. If you can understand that, you can tailor your content and marketing approach to be in line with them.

When you are in line with their expectations, the potential customers and visitors will feel more comfortable and at ease. They will trust your content, follow your links and bring in that revenue you are looking for.

It is easy to look at the statistics over a long time. However, that is not very helpful in pinpointing what was a bad move and what was effective. Additionally, studying the data after the event a certain event has already passed means that the visitors are long gone and there is no way to bring them back easily.

This is not a problem with real time data for iGaming. For instance, you can see what’s going on with each player as it’s happening at that moment. And when you have the latest data for your audience, you can then redirect them to bet through your affiliate website, and thereby earn your share of the goodies.

How is Real Time Data collected?

Today, it is very easy to collect this data. Some platforms, such as Twitch, TikTok, etc. show the number of engagements from viewers in real time. This makes it trivial to keep track of which aspect of your marketing works out well.

If you have a website or blog, there are various tools out there that will monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. 

They can detect the IP address and the general country the visitor is from, how long they stayed, which pages they spent the most time on, what links they clicked, and so on. All of this information can be very helpful.

Detecting Problems using Data

There are a lot of problems that you might detect by keeping an eye on real time data.

If you have a strong local focus on your content, it should be visited by mainly local users. If there are suddenly users from random, far-away countries going through your content, it means there is something suspicious going on. You could alert an affiliated casino of this or restrict them yourself.

Another possible issue that often crops up is that a page is bugged or a link is broken. This is usually obvious, as visitors stop viewing the page or using the link. By noting this change in the traffic data, you could fix problems like these as soon as they pop up.

Enhance Content with Data

Enhancing Content with real time data

It’s not just problems and issues real-time data helps solve. Real-time data could also be used to improve the quality of your content and marketing.

If you are a streamer, you can use this data in several ways. You can adjust your schedule to cover the ‘peak’ period when the most viewers are watching. You could extend the stream, or end it early, based on how many people tend to be watching at the time.

As a writer, you can check which articles get more attention and which get less. For example, if articles about beginners and casino games are popular, while sports betting articles don’t get much traffic, then you might shift your focus to writing more of the former.

Similarly, you can tailor the content more effectively. If the majority of viewers are leaving the page without reading the whole article, it means the article is too long or too boring.

Geolocation info can be useful as well.  Suppose you are mostly targeting content for Americans. But recently, there are a lot of Canadian visitors as well. You could take advantage of this by creating some content aimed at Canadian visitors as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities for using real-time data.


Information is the most powerful thing today. That’s why real-time data is so valuable. In this post, we explained why and how real-time data can be used to improve affiliate marketing.

Hopefully, you can put these ideas to good use and implement real-time data analytics on your own site. If you need help with any gambling content on your site, get in touch with our team of writers.

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