Top 5 Baccarat Strategies for When You’re Starting Out

Developing the greatest baccarat strategy requires acknowledging that every hand you play will still contain a certain amount of chance, no matter how strong your plan is. The house advantage is always present and, statistically, unbeatable. The real surprise is that you can win at baccarOhio State Team Jersey custom football jerseys 49ers jersey Ohio State Team Jersey asu football jersey ohio state jersey custom football jerseys Iowa State Football Uniforms Iowa State Football Uniforms OSU Jerseys ohio state jersey micah parsons jersey detroit lions jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms florida state football jersey at without lowering the house edge.

All you have to do is educate yourself on the many baccarat games and betting strategies that are out there, understand how money management works, and maybe even take advantage of a deposit bonus the following time you sign up.

Let’s get into the top 5 baccarat strategies you can use to potentially get your first or 5th win! 

How To Play Baccarat  

How to Play Baccarat

How to Play Baccarat

This is a small reminder of how a typical game of Baccarat is played before we discuss the different Baccarat strategies:

  • Choose your chip size and wager on the winner of Player, Banker, or Tie.
  • The Player and the Banker each receive 2 cards, which are then revealed.
  • The two cards’ values are added together to a maximum value of 9, with the closest value winning.
  • When the value exceeds 9, it resets to 0 and climbs once more until it reaches 9.
  • A third card is given and the value is compared against the opponent if the sum is 5 or less.

Best Strategies for Baccarat 

As a brief preface, we would like to warn you that cards will always have some element of chance. In the case of baccarat, no amount of strategies or advice will be able to save you from occasionally losing. Check out our guide to playing Baccarat for more details.

Yet, there are several tactics to remember that might just enable you to shift the scales in your favour enough to make your experience enjoyable and, maybe, somewhat more profitable in terms of pure money terms.

1. Always Bet With The Banker 

Baccarat strategies

Always Bet with the Banker

Let’s discuss betting with the Banker, which is one of the easiest yet most efficient baccarat techniques. The majority of people who are familiar with the game and the methods engaged in it are likely to endorse this as one of the more effective approaches.

Given that it all comes down to simple math, it is probable that this is absolutely true. As we previously stated, since the potential house edge for betting with the banker is 1.06%, it offers the best chances of success. As a result, your payment percentage would be 98.94%.

Thus, hypothetically, you could get $98.94 back if you placed 100 bets of $1 each. As it all boils down to the cards, luck still plays a significant role despite the fact that this is all just mathematical data. It’s the same if you were playing at William Hill or Paddy Power. Both brands follow the same rules. 

2. Steer Clear Of Tie Bets 

One piece of friendly advice is to never place a tie bet.

Baccarat is one of the safer types of casino games. Tie bets, on the other hand, carry a very high level of risk and are much more likely to leave you broke than rich.

As they pay 8:1, it is true that their payouts are the highest. Yet, if you pursue tie bets, statistically speaking, it is exceedingly unlikely that you will succeed. If you were curious, the house has an advantage for this kind of gamble that can reach 14.36%. 

In other words, in the best-case scenario, if you placed 100 bets at a $1 stake apiece, you would statistically lose $14.36. It is far better to wager on the banker’s hand, which pays 1:1 and has a house edge of 1.06%. In other words, if you placed a $1 wager each time and made 100 bets, you would lose $1. 

3. 1-2-3-6 System 

1-2-3-6 Betting

In order to win at baccarat, you must choose a unit (bet size) and stick to the winning 1-3-2-6 string. One unit is your starting wager, which can be $1, $5, or any other sum you choose. 

Following a victory, the stake increases by three units, then by two units, and finally by six units. You will receive two units of profit if you prevail in at least two consecutive rounds.

This system’s disadvantage is that if you win three straight rounds but lose the fourth, you’ll still come out ahead. Using a different variation of the technique (1-3-2-4), which swaps out the last wager in the sequence to ensure some profit even if you lose the fourth round, can help to mitigate this.

4. Flat Betting 

Although flat betting is the simplest baccarat strategy to use, it also calls for the most restraint. It entails placing a wager on either the player or the banker and sticking to it regardless of how the subsequent rounds turn out. 

Because baccarat is simply a coin toss, it is usually wiser to remain with one wager than to modify it frequently and run the risk of losing the coin toss.

We advise betting on the banker since, thanks to the third card drawing regulations, it has a little higher probability of getting a winning hand. In order to avoid trying to “gain back” the money you’ve already lost and losing more, you should also decide how many bets you’re willing to place beforehand.

5. Set A Budget 

Set a Budget

Set a Budget

It’s essential to always try to get things planned out when there is actual cash at stake. Sure, it can require a minor bit of fun, but some people find pleasure in succeeding. 

Your baccarat strategy will have a goal and a focus if you have money set aside for it.

Even though you may not wish to strictly adhere to this budget, knowing that you have, say, $200 or $300 to play with this month will let you choose game versions that fit your availability and financial capabilities.

Your Turn! 

It’s exciting to play baccarat, and if you use some of the technical advice we’ve provided, you’ll bet with assurance, have the best odds, and realize that not many other players have what it takes to consistently win.

The top players understand that baccarat is a game of skill and chance and that they should enjoy both elements of it. While luck undoubtedly trumps any level of skilful play, as long as you start off with a good baccarat strategy, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

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