What Is xG And What Does It Mean For Your Betting?

What is xG (Expected Goals) is one of the most advanced metrics of football betting, which has gained popularity all over the world. If you are wondering what is xG and what does it mean for your betting, don’t worry we got you covered! johnny manziel jersey OSU Jerseys johnny manziel jersey Ohio State Team Jersey asu football jersey asu football jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms Florida state seminars jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys custom football jerseys custom made football jerseys custom football jerseys OSU Jerseys 49ers jersey asu football jersey 

Today we will explore everything you need to know about xG in detail and learn about its impact on football betting. 

What Is The Expected Goal (xG)?

Expected Goals (xG) is a metric that calculates the probability of chances turning into a goal in a football match. There are models that base the value on several factors like shot location, angle, received pass type, goal distance, and some others. 

For example, a shot from a tight and long angle will have a lower xG value. Whereas, an open play opportunity will have higher xG and more chance of scoring, compared to a long-range effort.


The bookmakers will fix a value of 0.76x for set pieces like penalty shootouts. Because the chances for getting a goal is more likely here. 

Finally, as an example, a team with an xG of 1.0 means that they might score 1 goal on average throughout the whole match. 

xG is useful for understanding a team’s attack strength and performance. This can be helpful for the bettors to take more data-driven betting decisions.

How Is xG Calculated? 

There are several mathematical models that you can use to calculate Expected Goals, xG. Each model has different characteristics. However, all of them follow some common factors which have already been mentioned above.  This was used most during the FIFA World Cup back in 2022. 

These models calculate the probable value of each shot ending up at the back of the net. The sum of all these probable values of goals is combined together to calculate the total xG of the team. 


These calculations are done by several techniques, where the historical data are used to determine the average number of goals that have been scored from similar factors in the past. 

The exact value of xG can vary depending on the data, and the model. But, it is very effective in measuring a team’s chance of scoring and winning in the match. 

Impact Of xG On Sports Betting

There are several impacts of xG on sports betting, starting from odds to football betting decisions.

Expected goals can impact the odds of a game, depending on the probability of the team scoring in any specific match. xG helps to understand the chance of scoring, and eventually the potential result of the game using several historical data and factors. 

It can also help the bettors to identify the profitable odds and help them to take advantage of the situation. 

This can be useful, especially in case of in-play bettings on total goals, or over/under bets

Risks of xG in Betting


xG can be useful for sports betting in several ways. But. nothing comes without some negative side. Relying on xG as a metric comes with a lot of risk for your betting decisions. 

Other Important Factors Are Ignore

Relying heavily on xG for taking decisions can often result in ignoring other important factors that can impact the result of the match. This will result in losing bets and money.

It is important to understand that xG only takes the stats about shots and chances into consideration. The models ignore other important factors like team form, player form, injuries, or head-to-head records in this process. 

Risks Related to Unpredicted Actions

The in-game stats don’t dictate the entirety of a football game. There are several other factors that can hugely affect the result of a football match. Factors like offsides, fouls, injuries, tactical changes, or referee decisions can change the outcome of the game. 

However, xG models don’t use these factors during calculations by the xG models. So these factors in a match can make the xG calculation wrong. 

Low Data Quality

Bookmakers that calculate xG base the calculations on the historical data of the goals scored in similar circumstances. The accuracy of this calculation hugely depends on the quality and amount of data that the model in question is using.

if the models use low-quality data, predicted xG values might not be accurate, resulting in taking wrong betting decisions. 

Different Models Can Predict Different Values

Experts use several models to determine the xG values. Each model can provide different xG values for the same shot. So it is important to choose the appropriate xG calculation method for better decision-making. 

Final Words

xG (Expected Goals) is a valuable metric that can help you to understand a team’s performance before you make any betting decision. However, you should also consider several other factors.

By using xG with other factors like team form, player form, injuries, head-to-head records, and other such factors, you can make more informed decisions which will potentially result in your profit. 

We hope this article has helped you to understand the basics of xG and how it can impact your football betting. Use these tips and insights to your advantage when you are betting on your favourite sports event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are xG Calculations Accurate?

Depending on the model you’re using for calculations, the accuracy of xG stats can vary. However, the current models that most bookmakers use to calculate xG can give around 80-90% accurate values.

What is xA?

Similar to xG (Expected Goals), xA or Expected Assists players will complete based on the expected goals based on their passes. 

How Much is xG For Sure Chances?

The expected goals for sure or big chances are often over 0.33x. The penalty is an example of a big chance which is set at a value of 0.76 xG value. 

How Can Someone Use xG?

xG or Expected Goals can be used to complete team analysis, player analysis or predictive modelling. 

How Can xG Impact Betting Odds?

By using the xG values for a complete analysis, and taking decisions according to it, the bettors can identify the profitable odds in the betting market. 

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