Best Casino Affiliate Programs That Pay High Commissions

iGaming is a rapidly growing market. For casino affiliates, there has never been a better time to get into it. If you know about the sudden surge in UK iGaming, then you might be wondering how you can take advantage of it as an affiliate marketer. It’s simple – by working with casino affiliates that pay high commissions.

There is a huge number of online casinos out there. They want all the traffic they can get. To that end, they are willing to pay premiums to affiliate marketers.

If you want to bring in lots of money, try working with some of these casino affiliates that pay high commissions.

Factors to Consider for Casino Affiliates that pay High Commissions

Those who are already quite experienced with casino affiliate programs do not need to worry about this. However, newer affiliates should definitely read this section. We will explain the different terms involved and what numbers to pay attention to.

The main one is the revenue model. Different casino affiliate programs payout under different conditions.

Under the Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) model, you will get a payout for every visit, registration or some other action.

Under the Revenue Share model, you will get a small percentage of the overall revenue earned by the casino.

Another term to watch out for is Negative Carryover. Under Revenue Share, the casino earns money when the player loses it. But what happens if the player gets lucky and wins a lot of money? The casino has lost money. This is reflected on the affiliate and the affiliate’s income will go into the negative. When in the negative, they will not earn any more money.

There are two ways of climbing out of the negative. One is to have other players referred by the affiliate slowly lose money and earn it back for the revenue.  Many casinos reset this negative at the end of the month. When a casino does not reset it, it is called ‘Negative Carryover’.

These are the two most popular models used by casino affiliates that pay high commissions. I will refer to them while describing the affiliates.

Now, here are the best casino affiliate programs.



888 is one of the biggest casino conglomerates in the world. Suitably, they are also one of the biggest and best casino affiliates that pay high commissions out there.

They have been around since 1997. Over the years, they have created many reputable brands. Today, they are a trustworthy casino group all over the world.

888Affiliates offers CPA, revenue share and hybrid programs. They do not explicitly detail the commission percentage. It must be negotiated after you become an affiliate. You can expect them to pay high commissions regardless of the type of affiliate program they are using.

Betway Partners

BetWay is a premium UK-based sportsbook and casino. It is well known for its sleek and elegant design and high-quality sports betting and live casino gaming services.

As it is one of the most popular casino sites in the world, BetWay is a great choice for a high-commission affiliate program.

Betway offers a commission rate of up to 40% on the revenue share model and a negotiable rate on the CPA program

Under the revenue share model, affiliates that bring in up to 10 players earn 25% commissions from the revenue the casino earns from those players. Up to 40 players, the commission increases to 30%. Up to 100 players, the commission is 35%. Past this is the maximum commission of 40%.

One downside of Betway is that they have a negative carryover. If the players you referred win a lot and take money away from the casino, your income will go down to the negatives and it will take time to go back to the positive.

BitStarz Affiliates

BitStarz is a popular online casino and one of the first to implement Crypto Currency payments using Bitcoin.

If you do not know, Crypto payments are very secure and anonymous. That makes them perfect for casino gaming and extremely popular among many players. It has won many awards over the years and has over 3000 casino games. It is ripe for some attention from a casino affiliate marketer.

Bitstarz offers a revenue share model. Payouts can be in Euro or Bitcoin.

For players earning less than €5,000.00 the affiliate will earn 25% commissions. For players earning over €20,000.00, the affiliate will earn the maximum amount of 40%.

The profit is for a lifetime, so after referring a number of high-paying players, you can enjoy a constant stream of income. BitStarz has no negative carryover.

Casumo Affiliates

Casumo is a themed casino with global reach. As you are looking for casino affiliates that pay high commissions, Casumo is one of the best options. They have high player retention and satisfaction, which translates to a high income for an affiliate and satisfied visitors to the site.

Casumo is also extremely transparent, allowing affiliates to see all the traffic info without having to go through a rep.

The payout scheme starts at 25% commissions for up to 5 referred players. To get the maximum commission of 45%, an affiliate must refer 42 or more players.

There is no negative carryover. All referrals are for a lifetime.


Slotpartners is an affiliate brand working with three casinos. However, that is not the important part. As the picture shows, Slotpartners offers an incredibly profitable 60% Revenue Share. That places it at the top of the list of casino affiliates that pay high commissions.

This is nearly 150% of most other affiliate programs, which offer around 40% revenue share on average.

The 60% revenue share is only for the first two months. Afterwards, it drops to 50%, which is still very high.

Slotpartners also offers CPA and Hybrid models for commissions. There is no negative carryover or sign-up fee.

Closing Thoughts about High-Paying Affiliates

There is a huge number of affiliate programs out there. I have listed a selection of casino affiliates that pay high commissions here, but this is not an exhaustive list. There are also other programs that may be better suited for you than this.

Before signing up to be an affiliate, do a little research. It will help out a lot and give you the opportunity to find the best program for you.

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