5 Reasons Why It’s Not Too Late to Become a Gambling Affiliate

Wondering if it’s not too late to become a gambling affiliate? Well, you’re absolutely right and this post is just for you.

Affiliate marketing has been the choice of passive income stream for many years now. Over time, the industry has grown and branched out to all the possible directions. iGaming is one of them.

Today, we’re going to look over the reasons why it’s not too late to become a gambling affiliate. So, if you’ve been hesitating to start your own business, it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Affiliate Marketing: A Short Overview

Affiliate marketing is one of the core branches of digital marketing.

When you’re an affiliate, your job is to promote the business you’re affiliated with through your content. As customers purchase the product or service from your promotion, you receive a commission.

For gambling affiliates, it’s the same case. You promote an online casino or a sportsbook through your content. Depending on how many new players you can generate every month, your commission plan will vary.

Gambling affiliate opportunities allow affiliates to choose between different plans like CPA or revenue share model. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately depends on you about which route you want to take.

If you play your cards right, every affiliate marketing business can generate a hefty income.

5 Reasons Why It’s Not Too Late to Become a Gambling Affiliate

Over the years, affiliate marketing has changed a lot. There was a time when most affiliates were biased toward physical products. Programs like Amazon Associates or Target Affiliate Program offered very profitable commission marketing on different sets of products.

With time, non-physical services have also made a huge entry into the affiliate marketing industry. Online services on ClickBank, various online education platforms like Teachable, Coursera, etc. made it possible for hundreds of affiliates to earn a sustainable living.

Following suit is the iGaming industry.

In fact, it’s possibly the largest untapped market for potential affiliates. iGaming services have been gradually becoming popular over the last decade. But the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the course of the industry forever.

When a lot of industries were going down due to constant lockdowns all over the world, online gambling emerged from the ashes. The market growth rate is higher than ever at the time of writing.

This is exactly why it’s not too late to become a gambling affiliate!

1.      The Market Size

The biggest reason why it’s the perfect time to start a gambling affiliate business is its estimated market size. As of 2019, it was a $59 billion industry. It’s expected to grow to a whopping $93 billion by 2023!

Online Gambling Market

Credit: CFI.co Blog

This means there are huge opportunities for affiliates to benefit from the iGaming industry. As the industry grows, more payment systems will adapt to it and earn the trust of even more players.

All in all, iGaming will become one of the major mainstream formats of entertainment in near future.

1.      Advancement in Technology

There’s no doubt that technology has been the cornerstone behind the growth of the online gambling industry. Game providers have been working consistently to make the games more realistic and more convenient to play.

We’ve reached such a stage in terms of technology where it’s just going to get more advanced. More powerful devices will keep coming and new platforms will come out at the same time.

So, more online operators will start adapting to the technology. It means the online casinos will become more accessible to players of different demographics. It’s a harmony that’s going to shape the industry for the betterment of the mass audience.

As a potential affiliate, you need to tap into the new sensation as soon as you can. For success, you need to be on top of your game as well as know your audience from the inside out. It’s only possible when you witness the evolution and understand it by heart.

The bottom line is, if you want to pioneer the new generation of online gambling affiliates, this is the perfect time to jump in rather than worrying about whether it’s too late to become a gambling affiliate or not.

2.      More Smartphone Users

The number of smartphone users has grown exponentially in the last few years. If you keep track of the iGaming industry trends, you’d notice that hundreds if not thousands of mobile online casinos have come out during the same time.

According to a report by Grand View Research published in 2020, over 84% of the gambling vertical was from mobile devices in 2019!

What does it mean?

It means that online operators are trying harder than ever to make online gambling as much convenient as possible for the players. Instead of waiting to get home and then play from their desktops, players can navigate to their favourite online casino or sportsbook from their phone!

Many operators are even introducing dedicated apps! The apps might take some storage and memory on the users’ devices, but it’s going to change the gaming experience altogether. The increasing number of smartphone users along with the increased number of mobile-optimized operations will result in a huge boom!

And you need to be there as an affiliate to enjoy the benefits.

3.      The Incorporation of Crypto

The incorporation of cryptocurrencies is still not discussed enough! Crypto has literally changed our perception of currency forever. It’s at a point where it’s sufficiently safe to say that crypto might be the only currency in near future!

But what does it mean for gambling affiliates? Well, when online casinos and sportsbooks accept crypto as a payment option, it opens the doors to many players who previously couldn’t play due to the limitation of their banking methods.

Crypto is a decentralized currency which means if a player wants to play at a crypto-enabled online casino, he/she can do it from anywhere in the world!

Not just that, crypto also allows players to protect their sensitive information like their credit card numbers and other bank details. It’s a huge benefit for a scam-prone industry like iGaming.

As an affiliate, you can encourage your audience to play at crypto-enabled operators for added convenience and security. The best thing is that you’ll be able to target cross-border audiences without tweaking your content at all!

4.      More Sources to Generate Traffic

As internet technology is evolving, more modes of communication are coming out. And more communication means more opportunities for you to generate traffic.

While Google AdSense was the primary mode of revenue 10 years ago, now you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. platforms to promote your content.

It’s a huge opportunity to benefit from both organic and paid SEO practices. You can tailor your content to a specific audience based on the geolocation to squeeze out the last of the potential players.

Over the next few years, this trend will only go up. So, if you start your gambling affiliate adventures right now, you stand a chance to tap into all kinds of demographics in near future.

Wrapping Up

From what we’ve discussed so far, it’s obvious that it’s certainly not too late to become a gambling affiliate. Rather, it’s the perfect time to become one.

For a successful affiliate business, you need high-quality content. When it comes to a competitive industry like iGaming, you need the expertise to be on your side. That’s where we come in.

Our team of expert writers has been following the iGaming industry with the ultimate goal to help out affiliates like you. So, for all your potential gambling affiliate content needs, hire us for the best quality content.

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