How to Make Money by Gambling Live Streaming on Twitch

Gambling live streaming on Twitch is super popular with hundreds of people viewing broadcasts of streamers wagering on online sportsbooks and casinos. However, concerns have been raised about whether the streams are advertising gambling to minors and encouraging gambling addiction. 

This is not a simple topic, but we will get to the bottom of this. Therefore, find out more about gambling live streaming on Twitch by going through this article thoroughly!

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a broadcast live video streaming platform designed to broadcast videos of all kinds, cooking, music, arts, and most importantly, online gambling streams. It is hard to believe but this live gambling stream platform gets 30 million users every single day! 

Gambling live streams on Twitch can be accessed and enjoyed on desktop, mobile, set-top boxes, and consoles. You can let your subscribers enjoy cool bonuses and free games. The platform is easy to use and the adoption rate is high. 

Gambling Live Streams on Twitch

Gambling streams on twicth

Casino streamers on Twitch broadcast their activities to interact and engage with their viewers in real-time. This gives them an opportunity to know each other.

There are many gamblers looking for videos to understand how certain casino games are played, how bets are made, and how to claim bonuses. You can watch how some clever gamblers win large sums of money. However, gambling addiction is a major concern on the channel, including age-gating. 

Age-Gating on Twitch

Unlike YouTube, Twitch doesn’t have strict policies about age-gating its platform from minors. This may go against the age restriction policies of the American Gaming Association and other gambling authorities of the world. 

You can set Gambling live streams on Twitch for a mature audience. But the minimal criteria for age verification is low. Anybody can watch the live gambling streams by clicking on Start Watching. For this reason, viewer discretion is advised by parents to supervise minors when they are surfing Twitch. 

Transparency and Legal Issues

Legal issues for gambling on Twitch

More on legal matters, streamers must prove their affiliations with the casinos and sportsbooks they are playing at.  Streamers are charged with committing fraud and deception without this disclosure.

Besides, some affiliates and sponsors top up the streamers’ balance every day so they can stream their gameplay online. Some of the standards are too harsh and question whether streamers and sponsors are practising responsible gambling policies. 

Furthermore, there may be concerns about the license and legality of the gambling sites as well as the geolocation which the streams are made from. Online gambling is illegal in some countries. gambling sites should consider taking action for responsible gambling.

When the online gambling website is located in one region, the streamers are located in others, and the viewers are from other regions, which legislative laws are they following? 

If an account sponsors illegal gambling websites it will be banned without question. In fact, sharing links and referral codes to dice games, roulette, and slots on Twitch is prohibited, but poker is still unrestricted. 

How to Make Money on Twitch

To make money with gambling live streams on Twitch, you have to create more online casinos and slots streaming videos to increase your audience. While you are getting creative and growing your audience, there are other things you can do to make more money on the platform. 

Affiliate Opportunities

Affiliate opportunities will come to you when companies notice how influential you are by the number of followers you have on the Twitch casino live. Commissions may vary based on your audience base and the budget of the company. Needless to say, you should get work from organizations whose budget is higher. 

However, affiliate programs won’t reach out to you unless you are super popular. For that reason, novice Twitch broadcasters can acquire brand partnerships by seeking out affiliates to work with. Here, you can collaborate with other casino streamers to find potential affiliate deals!


Twitch merchandise

Just like YouTube, Twitch is a great place to sell your products and services by demonstrating how they can be useful to your daily life. Whether you have an established business or not, create videos that can add value to your audience. 

It doesn’t matter what you are selling- t-shirts, mugs, teas, referral codes, gambling sites, or others. You can advertise on online casino gambling sites with the Twitch casino live videos!


Live casino Twitch lets viewers donate to their favourite channel as a token of appreciation. You can make this possible by adding a ‘donate’ button to your Twitch live casino channel. Link PayPal or other payment methods to make money while broadcasting entertaining videos! 

Twitch Partners

Twitch partners

Now don’t confuse Twitch Partners with live casino Twitch affiliate programs. They are different but they make money the same way. To become a Twitch partner, you must apply. If you qualify, then you receive a share of ad revenue, endorsement deals, and brand sponsorships!


Twitch live casino lets your audience subscribe to your online gambling and slots streaming channel to unlock Twitch features, like chat room access, merchandise discounts, and emoticons. Some monthly subscriptions only cost $4.99 which can help your favourite online casino streamers earn a commission!

Game Sales

Gambling live streams on Twitch also help your viewers buy add-ons, referral codes, slot machine promotions, and more from your channel. Playing games sold on Twitch can make this button automatically appear on your channel. We are talking 5% share, which is pretty cool!

Virtual Cheers

Financial support can be received from your Twitch gambling website viewers through virtual cheers which can be found on the casino streamers platform. You can convert 100 virtual cheers or bits for $1.40. As the streamer receives the bits, you get 1 cent from each audience using the feature!

Ways to Attract People to Your Live Stream

For casino streamers, it is important that they attract many viewers to their gambling live streams on Twitch. If you want to be successful in streaming, you have to cook up new strategies to build your fan base.

Here are some of the best strategies for advertising online casino streams on Twitch:

Promote Your Channel in Emails

Promote your channel in email

Don’t overlook the power of email marketing when it comes to promoting your gambling website streams on Twitch. Provided that you have enough email subscribers, blast them with upcoming streams, such as slot machine promotions or problem gambling advice before the broadcast. 

You can promote yourself once or twice a week, but not more than that. If you keep sending your subscribers emails too often, they will opt out of the subscription. To raise your audience’s curiosity, offer promotions like free tutorials, free downloads, or discounts. 

Brand Your Streams

You can underestimate branding on Twitch. It automatically adds authority to the channel and lets people identify you easily. When they refer your channel to their peers, it becomes easy to know you by your brand. 

Incorporate attractive logos, colours, and words to brand gambling live streams on Twitch. Your brand logo must match your banner and overlays. It just adds a professional touch to your streaming platform!

Activate Featured Videos

Promote your gambling live streams so that they don’t end up among all the other videos on the platform. Let yours stand out by activating the featured video option or by going Premium. A premium account lets you showcase your videos at the top along with a mini teaser.

Re-Introduce Yourself to New Viewers

While you are streaming about problem gambling, new sportsbooks, or promotions, some viewers will start watching you later than others. In fact, this is quite common! What you can do is re-introduce yourself from time to time, or put up a text with your name and the topic of the gambling live streams on Twitch. 

Announce Your Streams on Social Media

If you are already set with your gambling live streams on Twitch, make sure you let the entire world know that your videos are going live! The more people know about it, the higher chance you have to improve your account balance. 

Make sure your thumbnail is eye-catching with a powerful title, description, and hashtags. Also, advertise affiliate links if there are any, and prepare to engage in real-time with your audience about everything online gambling related, such as gambling addiction, promotions, reviews, and more! 


Is crypto gambling possible on Twitch?

The streamers on Twitch broadcast various videos about online gambling, and some of those gambling sites accept cryptocurrency. However, check the license and legitimacy of the casino website before making any deposits. 

Are gambling streams legal on Twitch?

Gambling streams are legal on Twitch, but you can’t promote referral codes or links to slots, lottery games, and roulette. Moreover, the streamer must provide evidence of affiliation with the casino site that he is streaming for.

If you need help with setting up a casino affiliation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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