Using the Power of TikTok and Facebook Reels for iGaming Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been a gold mine of revenue for gambling affiliates. It’s perhaps the longest-standing form of digital marketing that offers consistent profits if the cards are played right. One of the main reasons behind its success is its adaptability. For example, using TikTok for iGaming affiliate business!

The main idea behind affiliate marketing is to get your message across to your audience, regardless of the platform. This is why it works on mainstream social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as on traditional channels like blogs.

TikTok is one of the latest additions to the social media paradigm and it has proven to be tremendously successful among the young generation. Gen Z, to be precise. As for iGaming, giving your audience a glimpse of the latest slot or a no deposit bonus could be the pivoting point for your business model.  

Why Use TikTok for iGaming Affiliate?

At the time of writing this post, TikTok has about 80 million active users! That’s after a lot of countries banned it. Such countries include India and the US, 2 of the largest countries in the world!

With this kind of audience supports behind it, TikTok didn’t take long to become a fantastic way for business owners to bring in a new influx of customers. If you’re an iGaming affiliate, this might be the missing piece in your marketing strategy puzzle.

If you’re wondering how to use TikTok for iGaming affiliate business, it’s as simple as uploading videos. Just like the rest of the users online. Unlike mainstream platforms, you can’t share text or images with your audience on TikTok.

It kind of makes sense because the human attention span has progressively gone down in the past few decades. Many web-based affiliate marketers have switched to an explainer video-based strategy. It goes to show that the mass audience prefers visual engagement over text-based engagement.

What About Facebook Reels?

When TikTok first came out, it was the only platform that capped video lengths at 60 seconds. Since it showed the world what such short videos can do, many other social platforms have adopted the same modality. YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Reels are some examples.

All of these media tools can be used for marketing. In fact, these short-term videos work great to get your message across. It’s simply because users binge-watch these short videos instead of selecting what they want to watch. This presents the unique opportunity to penetrate a wider audience in a shorter time.

What we’re trying to say is that you can keep using Facebook Reels for iGaming affiliate marketing just like you can use TikTok for iGaming affiliate marketing.

How to Use TikTok or iGaming Affiliate Marketing?

Now that we’ve answered the “why” question, it’s time to get to the “how” question. If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing space for a long time, you may know that you need to place an affiliate link to the product from your platform.

But TikTok doesn’t allow users to include links in their videos. So, how do you use TikTok for iGaming affiliate marketing? Let’s find out.

Step 1: Change Your Account to a Business Account

If you’ve been a seasonal browser on TikTok, you may not know that there is a business account option! We know what you’re thinking. The answer is no, you don’t have to pay for the business account. It’s a free upgrade!

The reason you should change your account type to business is simply that you get to insert one link to your business. And that’s where you’re going to insert your affiliate link.

Step 2: Start Uploading Videos and Utilize the Organic Reach

Reach is key. In digital marketing terms, “reach” simply refers to how many users have seen your content. In this case, the short video on TikTok. Although it’s different from “engagement”, the reach will get the job done when you’re using Facebook Reel for iGaming affiliate marketing or even TikTok.

It’s simply because you’re not making money from the video engagement. Rather, you’re making money by converting your audience into paying customers.

As you’re limited to 60 seconds only, make sure you’re providing the right content to your viewers. This brings us to the next point in how to use TikTok for iGaming affiliate marketing.

Step 3: Make the Right Videos

When you’re promoting online gambling components, there are quite a few things you may promote. Online casinos, online slot games, online sports betting sites, bingo sites, etc. are some examples.

If you primarily cover online casinos, show your audience how awesome they are. But keep in mind that heavily promoting gambling can flag your content, something you don’t want to happen. You need to be subtle yet effective with your message.

The safest way to go about it is to promote online casinos as a form of entertainment. You can mention the bonuses but don’t mention the amounts. It’s all about navigating the water in the right way.

Step 4: Add Your Social Profile

You may use TikTok for iGaming affiliate marketing but you can’t conduct 100% of your business there. Rather, your goal should be to draw people to other platforms where you have more options than mere 60-second videos. Namely, your social media handles. The same concept applies when you’re using Facebook Reel for iGaming affiliate business.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you must have an Instagram handle. You may even have a YouTube channel. Be sure to add them to your TikTok account. Also, invite your audience to check them out from time to time in your videos.

When you can manage to balance everything across your affiliate marketing board, you can get the most out of using Facebook Reel for iGaming affiliate marketing or TikTok marketing.

Pros and Cons of TikTok Affiliate Marketing

No platform is 100% foolproof when it comes to affiliate marketing. When you use TikTok for iGaming affiliate marketing, you have to endure a set of pros and cons too. Here is our take on them.


  • TikTok is the fastest-growing social platform with immense room to grow
  • The level of engagement is massive compared to other platforms
  • Little to no effort in making the short videos
  • Option to bring in more engagement using paid promotions
  •  Excellent platform for growing your audience


  • Not much room to showcase products in detail
  • No defined way of targeting the right audience
  • More countries may ban the platform in the near future

Wrapping Up

Affiliate marketing has been around since the advent of the internet. And it will be here as long as people shop online. But it goes without saying that the medium marketers use will keep changing over time.

Currently, short videos seem to be the talk of the town. This was started by TikTok and later adopted by other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. No matter which platform you decide to use, the ideas and the steps we shared in this post will remain the same.

And in all cases, you’ll need a good writing team to create quality content for your videos and social media platforms. That’s where we come into play.

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