What to Do if Your iGaming Affiliate Content Sucks

Being an iGaming affiliate is one of the most successful businesses that you can get into right now. And to get started, you will need to decide which niche you are targeting.

There’s also the conten marketing strategy that you need to worry about. You’ll need to get everything in order to get your iGaming affiliate business off the ground. 

But all that hard work can get washed away if you don’t pay attention to your iGaming affiliate content. That’s why today we’re going to be talking about the things that you need to do not not make your content suck. Let’s start.

Do Your Research on iGCaming Affiliate Content

 Technically speaking there is no restrictions on the type of content that you want to go for. It will depend on the niche you choose.

Just keep in mind that certain topics will be relevant for much longer online than others. 

If you want insights on what kind of topics we’re referring too, do you research to see which trends are more popular. 

How to Avoid Using Content that Flops

Let’s get to the main topic. How do you avoid posting iGaming affiliate content that no one takes a look at? There are certain things that you need to avoid and then you’ll be good to go. Here we have compiled a short list of those things. Let’s check them out.

Stop Going for Traditional Casino Reviews

If you look up any iGaming affiliate content, you will notice they are mostly about casino reviews. This is the same for sportsbook as well. Most affiliates think that the content that their customers are interested in are the reviews. 

But a quick Google Search will show you that is not the case at all. In fact, it’s harder to rank for these reviews. There are multiple reviews for the same brand and if you’re making a new review, good luck to get that to show up on searches. 

So, what do you do instead? Look for some keywords that are not being used by everyone. If the content turns out to be a little different that’s bonus points. Because that will make it easier to get a higher SERP ranking. 

Customers Hardly Care About Bonuses Anymore

When the iGaming industry started booming back in the day, all anyone talked about was bonuses. People wanted to know which bonuses are the best for new players. They also wanted to figure out the bonuses to stay away from. 

But if you look to the current state of iGaming affiliate content, you will notice there’s hardly any content talking about bonuses. And for good reason as well. Customers are no longer concerned with bonuses and promotions.

Instead of stating the obvious, and stating the terms of the bonus, try talking about ways to leverage the bonus. The most effective tactic, the deposit amount that’s the most worth it, these are the things that customers want to know, so start making content that focuses on that.

Don’t Sound Too Promotional

This has been around since the beginning. But you’re not going to bring in newer players by sounding overly promotional. When you do that the player can tell right away and it’s a huge turn off for them.

The problem with sounding too promotional is that it all feels like a huge advertisements. And netizens online are tired of dealing with ads. They don’t want to deal with the same thing when they visit your iGaming affiliate site. 

When you’re creating the content pieces, think about the reader’s journey. What will they gain when they read your content? Try incorporating the answer to this question in your content to make it quality content.

Instead of Talking About the Sport, Talk About Betting

If you have bettors coming in, they already know about the sport. Otherwise they wouldn;t be interested in betting in the first place. 

That’s why move away from writing about the sport and start making content about betting. Cover the different terms, betting markets, explain the betting odds. Any kind of content that will help a bettor learn more about betting will always be appreciated. 

Not Too Wordy

You want to increase the engagement in your readers through your content. So, the last thing that you want is for them to read your content and feel bored. On the other side of the spectrum, if you make it too short, your readers won’t find what they’re looking for. 

Sometimes to improve the SEO and the ranking, iGaming affiliate content ends up becoming stuffed with keywords. That’s also a huge turnoff. 

Imagine you’re trying to find out what table games are available at a casino and the content is just wall-to-wall keywords. 

You need to think about the length of your content relevant to what you’re trying to convey. Make sure you’re covering everything necessary and not leaving out the important stuff. The keywords should be distributed evenly to get a good SEO score as well.

Fact Check Everything

As you create iGaming affiliate content, you need to keep checking your facts. You don’t want to give out a sensitive piece of information without checking the facts. 

If you end up giving out the wrong information that’s going to chase away your readers. No one wants to read up on information that’s misleading.

And it’s not just the facts. Check for broken links, images and outdated information. Make sure that your content is good to go in all aspects. A small mistake anywhere can cost you readers.

Be Nice to Potential Customers

This is something that you should absolutely stay away from. You want your content to be nice and inviting to your potential customers. Anything that might come off as condescending needs to go.

Final Thoughts

That does it for the list of things that you shouldn’t do in iGaming affiliate content. If you flip these things around and use them to your advantage, you should see a much better response from customers that check out your content.

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Get us to write a review like this for your affiliate site
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