How to Crack the Gambling SEO Code

Forget all that you think you know about SEO for gambling sites. With the Google broad core update every now and then, it is essential for every sector to play catch up. 

The same goes for running online casinos. You need to gain ground by remaining consistent with good quality content. Only by keeping up with the current tides and by including a few technical aspects, you can stay ahead in gambling SEO.

In short, the finest recipe for online gambling SEO is when you follow best practices, add content that offers value, and optimize your site.

So, how can you do that?

If your team is still trying to crack the code, we request you pause and give this article a thorough read. 

Difference Between SEO of a Normal Site and an iGaming Site

Gambling SEO is different from the regular

Many sectors of the economy, each with its own unique processes and principles, make up the global market.

Although there are some differences between industries, the overarching goal in each one is the same. It is to supply consumers with high-quality products or services in exchange for a profit.

There will be other businesses in your industry, so you’ll need to find a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Because of this, SEO for gambling sites and other sites may be different. The two approaches share the same best practices but have distinctly different approaches and strategies.

For starters, casino search engine optimization demands a toolbox of strategies. These include some of the most popular yet specified niches in the iGaming industry. 

There are hundreds of thousands of online casinos and online sportsbooks now. And the majority of them that invest in marketing costs, compete to pop up on search engines. They try everything from conventional methods to a variety of content marketing strategies to get visitors. 

Due to the cutthroat competition, inserting the wrong external gambling links may pose a threat to your site. This often differs from general SEO for a normal site that is trying to rank 

Why is Gambling SEO Harder Than Normal SEO

It should come as no surprise that when online gambling SEO is done right, it can impact the eventual success of your casino business. Because just like in any other industry, effort doesn’t always lead to results. This is why SEO can be complex. 

First of all, the iGaming industry is competitive due to tons of sites, and a myriad of betting enthusiasts. But moreover, advertising for it is trickier than you may expect. 

Affiliate websites are crucial to the success of online casinos in terms of exposure and traffic because other marketing channels prohibit the promotion of gambling material. That’s why there’s so much competition now that they’re becoming increasingly popular.

However, if you practice ethical SEO strategies, you may improve your search engine rankings, gain more visibility, and boost your organic traffic.

Want to know more? Read on to know about utilizing keywords, publishing relevant content, and more that can help your casino business boom.

The Importance of Catering to a Player’s Need

Player's needs should always be considered in gambling SEO

Giving your players what they need will make them want to stick around the longest and keep coming back for more. 

Not only that, perhaps through word of mouth, they will refer your betting site to their friends. Or, they will put a good word in an online review. This may potentially trigger more SEO ranking for you.

Who Rises to the Top and Why?

There will inevitably be some degree of repetition among different online casinos. The key to successful SEO for betting sites is to stand out from the crowd.

But that is the trick. In spite of common elements, you do not have to be one-dimensional and orthodox in your approach.

If you can cut down “broad terms”, highlight player-oriented features that will show up in search engines, use gambling links wisely, and tweak your site, you may start to see better conversions. 

How to Make Your Site Player-Oriented

User experience is everything. And while attention spans have shrunk, make your visuals pop to ensure the most engagement. A site that is more visually appealing has catchy phrases, loads easily will retain the longest in your visitors’ minds.

The layout of the website also matters, and easy navigation is always a favourite among first-time lurkers. But if you want to convert them, the trick is to give out the most information within a short amount of time.

Finding Keywords That Attract More Users

Keywords are the “building blocks” of SEO, and keyword research is the cornerstone of any business’s content creation strategy.

Rather than search volume, the best way to include keywords is to fulfil the intent. This includes answering mere factual inquiries to putting out detailed explanations or recommendations on a topic. 

While searchers in this category may be interested in your top-notch services and games, the goal of an informational search is to learn more about your industry rather than compare products or make a purchase.

The best approach is to include phrases like ‘how,’ ‘why,’ ‘ideas,’ or ‘guide.’

No matter what you write, make your content sound relatable. Using a conversational style helps connect the most to your audience. It is tempting to use keywords in bulk, but minimize your usage and keep it natural to attract more users.

Proper Blog Topics Related to The Keyword

Make use of blogs for Gambling SEO

To get a good grasp of SEO keywords, keep them relevant to the topic. You can start by playing safe and utilizing the free SEO tools offered by Google. They will help in keyword and topic research, and land on the safest choices. Over time, you will know how to take on specific angles and mark the right keywords.

To set yourself apart and maximize your SEO, you can start by surfing common queries people may have. With more years of experience, you will be able to nail specific questions.

Optimizing the Content According to the Keywords

Selecting appropriate keywords is the key to successful search engine optimization for online gambling platforms. And as of yet, as many times Google has updated its best practices, one thing has remained. Keywords influence search engine ranks besides other factors that matter. 

It increases the visibility of online casinos. What helps to scale up your gambling SEO is finding less-common search terms that others may be missing out on. 

Speed Optimization For Your Website

To rank higher in search engines, the loading and scrolling speed of your web pages is a quintessential factor.

You might lose customers if your site loads half a second later than the competitor’s betting site.

Fret not, because there are certain tactics to skyrocket your website speed.

A website can be sped up by as much as 70% simply by optimizing its images.

Fortunately, optimizing images is a breeze for anyone. You can use visual editors or virtual converters to resize your image, save it and upload it to your site.

Another way to boost your site speed is server caching.

Once caching is turned on, the server will only keep the pages’ static content in its own files.

In this approach, the server will just need to generate the dynamic content, rather than the complete page. This speeds up page delivery to the visitor. It’s a quick fix, but it sidesteps a lot of issues.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly website

Gambling sites aren’t the only ones that benefit from mobile optimization. It benefits both the casino owner and players or punters looking for the right site.

More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. The majority of visits to popular websites come from Google searches on smartphones. 

If you want to implement this in the best possible way, make sure to use a mobile-responsive theme. The most widely used is the Silo structure, but the features you provide will help you decide on this.

You should use image files of lesser size, and smaller measurements. To make text pop up easily, give them a bigger size, and eliminate as many pop-ups as possible to reduce distractions. 

Test these methods out and see what works for your website and optimize accordingly. If you want, you can get opinions from customers and also utilize SEO tools at your disposal. 

Create Strong Internal Links

To excel in gambling SEO, a backlink strategy is almost as important as narrowing down keywords.

And linking back to other blog posts on your own website is the best utilization of gambling links. To get the hang of this, roll up your sleeves and test out your anchor text.

An anchor text is a small phrase that reads naturally to your visitor’s mind and carries the link to another content which will open doors to more useful information. 

Some sites often backlink to their official social media channels. Since most people spend time on social media, this will enable customers to take a peek at the latest updates about the casino site.

Another concern is when casino operators want to increase search volume by using multiple anchor texts and flooding their content with too many gambling links

Regularly Audit Your Site

The purpose of SEO auditing your site is to increase traffic. This aligns your gambling SEO with the best practices.

While it is best to audit your site at least once every 3 months, you should do it as frequently as every month. 

This falls under a long-term strategy and there are popular tools to help you assess everything on your website. 

The main health factors in SEO auditing are to check if Google’s bots can crawl on your site, core web vitals condition, site performance, internal gambling links, and the speed and mobile responsiveness of your site.

FAQ on Gambling SEO

We also took it into our hands to cover the FAQs concerning SEO for betting sites. In our answers, you will find how to utilize social media to increase your chances in search volumes. 

Is it illegal to make a gambling website?

It is not entirely illegal to make a gambling website. However, this depends on your region of license and operation. It should also be mentioned that advertising for gambling is discouraged. But if you own a casino, you may want to conduct gambling SEO through blogs and informative articles.

How much does SEO for Betting Sites increase traffic?

There is no surefire way of how much online gambling SEO will increase traffic. Nonetheless, you may optimize your website by using the best SEO tools and opting for social media marketing. 

How can I improve my website SEO?

Publishing relevant content, maintaining upload consistency, linking out to credible sources, and using proper SEO titles and meta descriptions are the preliminary ways to improve gambling SEO.

How do I promote my gambling website?

The most proven way to spread the word is by having an internet presence across multiple social media channels. This ensures maximum reach and helps to promote it safely.

Can you promote gambling on YouTube?

You may not be able to downright promote gambling on Youtube, but there are affiliate marketers who refer to sites for players with specific interests.

Can you advertise gambling on Instagram?

You can promote games that require skill such as online casino games, lotteries, or sports betting on Instagram. But you will need written permission from the social media authority.

Bottom Line

Overall, the best way to tune the search volume in your favour is by sticking to the updated SEO best practices. We hope that our detailed walkthrough of SEO for betting sites has been worth the while. Once you start to see a shift in the metrics, you will know that you have cracked the gambling SEO code! Get in touch with our team of experts for help with online gambling SEO.

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