SEO for Casinos | Selected SEO Tips to Help You Win Big

If you are responsible for an online casino in terms of digital marketing, then you should already know how vital SEO is.  Without search engine optimization, it’s impossible to maintain a considerable online presence. That is even more true when it’s SEO for casinos. 

Search engines like Google have become so advanced that in order to get a high SERP ranking, you need to follow some guidelines. You can’t be sloppy and put out mediocre content. Without following proper SEO techniques and using the right keywords, it’s not feasible for your casino to grow.

So, today we bring to you tips and tricks for proper SEO for casinos. We’re going to go over all the different aspects that you’ll come across and discuss the steps you need to take to leverage search engine optimization to your advantage. Let’s begin.

Difference Between Ordinary SEO and SEO for Casino

It might occur to you, what’s the difference between ordinary SEO and SEO for casinos? Shouldn’t both of these be fundamentally the same thing? After all search engine optimization is a series of guidelines to make your content SEO friendly. 

But unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. There’s a lot that you can go away with when you’re working with ordinary SEO. But when you’re dealing with SEO for casinos, the paradigm shifts drastically. 

Acquiring backlinks for ordinary SEO is easy, and if you follow certain practices you can establish a good authority easily. But in SEO for casinos, acquiring backlinks itself is a challenge. Establishing the authority of your page can come later.

And if we’re talking about keywords, one of the main differences between SEO for casinos and ordinary SEO is the fact that keywords for the iGaming niche are changing constantly.  Just a simple search with Google Analytics should be enough to tell you that.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO

To get ahead of the competition and manipulate the search engines to give them an edge, people opt for black Hat SEO. 

Black hat SEO is using unethical techniques that are against search engine guidelines. All this in an effort to get a better position as a search result. There are many techniques that can are used for black hat SEO. We’ll be looking at a couple of them later.

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

Since black hat SEO is a thing so too is white hat SEO. What are the key differences between them? Let’s take a look. 

We’ve already talked about black hat SEO and how it goes against Google’s standards for search results. White hat SEO is the complete opposite of that. It’s an SEO technique that follows Google’s standard for search engine optimization to the letter.

Following white hat SEO techniques over black hat SEO will definitely guarantee more success. But you’ll need to earn it. You need to utilize techniques such as SEO forecasting, making use of Google ads for marketing, etc. If you do everything flawlessly, you will see rewards. 

But if you’re lazy and you go for the black hat SEO for online casinos, there are consequences. You are adopting unethical means and breaking the rules so you’ll definitely be penalized. Worst case scenario, your page can get taken down. 

Black Hat Techniques in SEO

Black Hat SEO Vs White hat SEO

To stay away from black hat SEO and avoid getting punished for it, you need to know what black hat SEO techniques are. Once you know and understand how the black hat techniques work, you will be better equipped to avoid using them.

Let’s look at some of the common black hat SEO techniques.

Keyword Stuffing

This is the most common black hat SEO practice. After getting the keywords from the analytics google search console, they are stuffed in irrelevantly. The usage of the keywords makes no logical sense and it’s done to manipulate the algorithm to get a higher score.

Sneaky Redirects

Another black hat SEO practice is redirecting to another page than the one intended. This includes sending the crawlers to one page while the user is sent to another. Redirecting a highly authoritative page with tons of backlinks to boost SERP rankings also falls under this. You can check your SERP rankings in Ahrefs

Poor Quality Content

Another black hat SEO technique is reusing the content from another page, just to fill up the page. This duplicate content provides no new value to the users. There are even people who will stuff invisible keywords on top of the stolen content to boost rankings.

Why You Should Steer Clear of Black Hat SEO

Since there are no legal ramifications of using black hat SEO, people are often found using it. But you should definitely consider this as an option for your webpage. Here’s why. 

Google’s algorithm has been updated over the years to catch websites using black hat SEO and dish out penalties. While initially, your page might drop in the rankings, repeated black hat offenses may result in your site being taken down completely. 

What is Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO

There’s another kind of SEO that exists between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. That is grey hat SEO and it blurs the line between what’s allowed and not allowed. 

Some grey hat SEO practices are not penalized and there are cases where people get away with it. But there’s no guarantee that these slightly unethical techniques won’t come under supervision in the future

Casino Marketing: How to Attract More Players Online

The iGaming industry is a highly competitive digital marketing space. To have casino marketing done right, you should follow the tips that we’re including here.

Add Meta Description and Structured Data

The first thing you can do is add meta descriptions to your content to help readers understand what your content is about. Adding structured data is another way to attract players. When you add structured data that’s legit, it increases your credibility.

Utilize Social Media

You can also utilize social media to get word of your online casino out there. It’s the fastest and the most efficient way of marketing anything.

State How Much People Can Bet

What players want more than anything is to know about casino games. If you state clearly how much a player is allowed to bet on a particular game, it can help them make the decision for choosing the game for them.

Use SEO Keywords

Research for keywords online and find the ones that are trending. But always make sure you’re using them with white hat SEO practices. There are many online tools that can help you out with this job. Google Analytics is one of them.

Casino Marketing: Wrap Up

That’s about it. With the tips we mentioned, you should be able to crack the code for digital marketing when it comes to online casinos. Watch out for the things we mentioned and avoid using unethical means to boost your site. If you do it properly with diligence, your site is bound to grow. 

If you need any help with content that follows good SEO practices, consider our gambling writers for hire.

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