A Significant Guide to Gambling and Betting Ads on Facebook

Nowadays, one of the most successful ways of digital marketing has been social media ad campaigns. There are a number of platforms that you can use for gambling advertising. But none of them works as well as betting and gambling ads on Facebook.

Today, we’re going to learn all about gambling and betting ads on Facebook. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding this. We look to clear some of that today.

Why on Facebook?

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of, if not, the largest social media platform. There are millions of users from around the world. You can learn about anything that’s currently going on in the world all from Facebook. 

The kind of global outreach that Facebook has is perfect for advertisements. And even Facebook is now helping others make use of it with the Facebook marketplace, where you can sell pretty much everything.

And it’s the same kind of global outreach that is used for advertisements. Betting and Gambling ads on Facebook in particular are really successful. If it’s done right that is.

Most Betting Ads on Facebook Fail and Here’s Why

But you’ll often hear that gambling advertising fails on Facebook. If the platform is such an amazing place for reaching out to many people, then why do gambling adverts keep getting taken down?

There’s obviously a reason for that. And the reason is the violation of the advertising policy on Facebook for gambling advertisements and sports betting ads. What exactly are the terms of this policy? Let’s check them out.

Advertising Policy for Online Gambling and Gaming on Facebook

Advertising Policy for gambling ads on Facebook

According to Facebook’s Online Gambling and Gaming advertisement policy, you are allowed to promote casinos or anything related to gambling that has real money behind it. But in order to do so there’s a requirement that needs to be fulfilled.

You will only be allowed to advertise such content if you have written permission from Facebook. This applies to prize games that reward players in monetary valued rewards too. 

When all of this is in order, none of your gambling advertising will be taken down. In fact, as we said previously if you do it right, Facebook is the best place for gambling adverts.

For Online Gambling Social Media Ads, Facebook Might Be The Best Bet

People from all walks of life have an account on Facebook. To invite new players into the fold casinos love to use Facebook ads. With the right promotional content, gambling adverts can turn out to be very profitable.

However, there is a little catch. Gambling advertising on Facebook can only be done in select countries. Other than that, you are able to reach a wide variety of audiences and potential new players to invite to your casino.

Why Online Gambling YouTube Masthead Ads Matter

YouTube masthead ads

We mentioned that you can advertise any digital content on different social media platforms. Aside from Facebook, another social media platform performs just as well as YouTube. The thing we’re talking about in particular is YouTube masthead ads. 

You will come across masthead ads on the top of the home screen. But these ads are limited to one advertiser each day for a single country. This means that you need to wait quite sometime before your ad even gets a chance to show up on people’s feeds.

But that’s not the only bad news. Gambling ads on YouTube aren’t allowed anymore.

YouTube Masthead Ad Change: Earth-Shattering for Online Gambling

According to a press release in June, Google pulled back on some of the previous restrictions on masthead ads. As of now, in terms of gambling content, only sports betting-related ads are allowed for the masthead. Any other forms of gambling content are not allowed.

This means if you were hoping to spread the word of your casino out there through YouTube, you can forget about it. As for sports betting-related ads, it’s only available in the US and you will need permission from YouTube to do that.

Are Facebook’s Online Gambling Ads a Better Option?

Facebook Gambling Ads

In such a scenario, Facebook is your only option for gambling advertising. Sure there are legal loopholes that you need to go through, but ultimately it will give you the best outcome. 

To ensure that your ads are not taken down, your ads need to strictly comply with the advertisement policy set by Facebook.

Understanding Channel Level Regulatory Limits for Your Niche

Here we’re recommending you choose Facebook for gambling ads.  So, let’s look at the regulatory limits of Facebook for real money gaming. 

Facebook’s regulatory limits for real money gaming

We already talked about the written permission needed to advertise anything that has monetization. But there are some gambling activities that don’t require such strict regulations. These are: 

  • Promotional content for casinos
  • Social casinos that don’t give out monetary rewards
  • Government approved lotteries
  • Free-to-play casino games

Facebook Ads for Betting and Gambling via Workflow Automation

You can get even more out of your ads by utilizing workflow automation. There are millions of ads on Facebook each month. To stand apart from the rest, you need to do this little extra bit.

By making use of 3rd party data you are able to better customize the ads based on the preference of the audience.

Dynamic Creative for Betting Ads

betting ads on facebook

You can even use the automation system for betting ads. Using this you can automate promotions all in real-time.

Your ads are more well-received when the ads are personal and not general. You also save plenty of time because of automation. You can use the time you’d have to spend coming up with creative ads and invest it in something else.

And since you’re going dynamic, you can make both pre-match betting ads as well as live matches. Dynamic creative ads let you kill two birds with one stone.

Dynamic Creative for Casino Ads

You can utilize dynamic creative for casino adverts too. Players are bombarded with a huge number of ads. So it’s really vital that you stand out. 

A great way to do that is to divide the casino games into individual ads. That way you can showcase and highlight the features of a single game at a time. The players get to know about the game and how it plays better from focused ads like that. 

You can also do the same on a broader scale by diving the games into categories. Table games and live casinos. Desktop games and mobile games. The combinations are endless and all you need is creativity. 

But how do you automate everything? You need data. The data will give you an idea about the preference of your audience which in turn helps out in the automation process.

But how to make use of this? You need to set up data feeds and Facebook Pixels

How to Set Up Feeds and Pixels for Betting and Gambling Ads

Before we go ahead about setting these two up, we need to know what they actually do. 

Data feeds are basically your source of data for automation. Here you input all the information to be used in the automation. 

As for Facebook Pixels, they track the users’ browsing behaviour. 

Setting up Data Feeds

You want to enter information that you want to display in your ads. Examples of that can be the logo of the teams and the time of the match. 

Once the basic stuff is out of the way, you want to put in the offers you’re giving. You want to make your offers a limited-time thing, so inputting that time is also very important.

Facebook Pixel Events for Betting and Gambling Ads

Facebook Pixels

Facebook collects a lot of data on its users. But you don’t need all of that to set up your gambling ads. You need to tweak the algorithm to your needs and collect only that which is needed. 

The things you need to worry about are page view, registration, view content, add to cart, and purchase. Collecting this information can help in the automation process once it is set up properly.

Audience Segments and Lists for Gambling Ads on Facebook

There are mainly two groups of audiences that you’re targeting with your Facebook ads. The first group is going to be the broad audience. These are people who have not yet registered on your site. They are the potential users who you want for your site. 

The other group is your existing audience. The purpose of your ads is to put them in front of them at the same time according to scale.

Strategy Promotion Types for Betting and Casino Ads

You mainly have two kinds of promotions that you can advertise. 

  • Always On Promotions that are active year-wide
  • Special Campaign Promotions such as collaborations.

With workflow automation, these promotions will change accordingly without any manual input.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my gambling ads get taken down from Facebook?

If you don’t comply with the advertisement policy, or your ad goes against the standards set by Facebook, then your ad can get taken down. If you post an ad without getting written permission from Facebook that’s also grounds for your ad getting taken down.

Which one is better for gambling ads, YouTube masthead or Facebook ads?

YouTube has a strict policy against no gambling ads on YouTube masthead. Among the two Facebook ads is the obvious choice.

If you ever need help with marketing-related content for gambling, check out our gambling writers for hire.

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